Bush Camp Guide

Bush Camp Guide

How to shoot and stay undetected in World of Tanks


Today we will discuss how to hide tank behind bushes in such a way that will not be detected while shooting at enemy tanks.


So how to hide your tank?

In order to accomplish this task, we need any bushes large enough to hide the tank from the enemy sight. This method works great while fighting at the big distances and ideally match such classes as tank destroyers, SPGs throughout all battle time, and also for mediums and heavy tanks at early stage of the battle.


Trick how to hide your tank from enemy detection


The bushes are found, start to position your tank. We approach the bushes and position our tank so that its forehead is behind the bushes in the direction of the alleged enemy. Make sure you are not visible. Now the most important part (actually the trick itself). Turn on the rear gear and drive back straight on a minimum of 15 meters then stop. Now we have bushes in which we're hiding are 15 meters in front of us. This is your firing position. The enemies will not see you (you cannot doubt). 


Advantages of protection from detection


Why is it important to position a tank like this? The answer is simple: any shot from the bushes automatically detects the tank. The game is constructed in such a way that all the invisibility around the tank at a distance of 10 meters after the shot disappears for 3-5 seconds. If you drive your tank from the bush to a safe distance (about 15 m), then the detection protection provided by the bush tank will not be lost.


This trick will allow you to shoot as many times as you want without afraid of being detected. You can shoot at maximum frequency, and the accuracy is high. As a result, this way of protecting against the detection of the tank will bring much more benefit to you and the team than setting the tank directly behind the bush and playing in the standard way. This trick has been tested many times in many battles and works fine.


If you gun reload takes a lot of time, at this time you can drive up to the bushes closely and load the gun, and drive back for the next volley.

Also one of advantages fact that this trick is not known to many, but only few using it. The vast majority of opponents will look for you behind the bushes, and you will not be there (enemy arty surely will miss).


Remember that this guide about detection is a very effective tactic for saving your tank maximum number of hit points while being able to effectively shoot simultaneously.


That's all. Now you can use this guide for more fun games and impressive battle results.

Thank you for your attention.



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