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1. Type your current mark of exellence %
you can find current % in tank statistic, awards tab
2. Type your desired mark of exellence %
65% for first MOE, 85% second, 95% for third or any % you want
3. Choose difficulty category (check below)
TOTAL: $0.00

*Name your tanks for MOE on check-out page

Please find your tank in the following difficulty categories*:


1st difficulty category:

- Only HT, MT, LT, TD tier 1-7 that can be purchased or researched at the moment of placing an order
- Tank was introduced to the game more than 6 months ago
- The tank does not belong to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th category of difficulty


2nd difficulty category:

- Any vehicle tier 8-10
- Any tanks that have been introduced into the game less than 6 months from now (except for tanks of 3-5 categories)
- Steyr WT, Panther/M10, T20, Scorpion, Eagle 7, T-34-2G FT, KV-2, T-34-85M, SU-122-44, AMX AC 46, AT8, AT7, Churchill VII, FV 201 (A45), CS-44 


3rd difficulty category:

Obj 430U, Obj 705A, Obj 277, 60TP Lewandowskiego, T-22 medium, K-91, WZ 111 5A, Progetto 65, EBR 105, Chimera, Concept 1B, T95, EBR 105, Manticore, Kranvagn, 252u, Obj. 703, T55A, M60, 121B, T95E6, Obj. 907
- Any arty except 10th tiers (they are 4th category)
- Unique, reward and rare vehicles.


4th category of difficulty:

- Obj 907, VK72.01, M60, T95E6, 121B, Carro 45t, Obj. 703, Obj. 260, Bourrasque
Any 10th tier SPG


5th category of difficulty:

- Obj. 279e
- T95/FV4201 Chieftain


*Due to balance and high competition, price for getting MOE for some tanks can be changed. 




Marks of excellence are awarded based on the difference between the average player damage in the vehicle and the average damage done by all players in the vehicle.

Damage statistics are collected every day, taking into account the previous several days. Starting with update 9.1, these marks are calculated for each tank, so from the very beginning all players will be equal.

Usually, you may need 50 to 100 battles to get the highest rating. If you do not have the time and patience for this, we can help you. Just contact our World of tanks marks of excellence service and our professional and experienced team of players with some of the highest rates in WoT will help you to get gun mark Wot. 

By ordering our service, you will receive:

  • The required number of battles.
  • From 55% of wins are guaranteed.
  • Average experience per battle: 900 - 1600.
  • Average damage per battle: 2500 - 5000.
  • Average rating: 2000 - 3500.

How to get marks of excellence?

The Mark of Excellence is a reward that shows how well you play on a particular tank. There are 3 marks of excellence wot:

  1. Badge of Excellence 1st Class: Earn more experience in one battle than the highest average experience of 95% of players who have played the same tank in the last 7 days.
  2. Badge of Excellence II Class: Earn more experience in one battle than the highest average experience of 80% of players who have played the same tank in the last 7 days.
  3. Badge of Excellence III Class: Earn more experience in one battle than the average highest experience of 50% of players who have played the same tank in the last 7 days.

You get the Achievement Badge based on the results of a specific battle, in which you must earn more base experience than a certain percentage of players who have also played this tank in the last seven days. The difficulty of obtaining the moe wot depends on the number of battles that other players have played on a specific tank. in the last seven days. The more popular the tank is and the more players are fighting on it, the more difficult it is to get marks of excellence in the World of tanks.

Some features and conditions for obtaining excellence marks:

  1. Badges of Excellence are not removed or demoted. If the player plays worse next time, the badge of excellence will not decrease.
  2. When you receive a higher class mark, it is added instead of the lower one.
  3. If you received the "Master" badge in the game, then other badges of excellence on this tank will not be assigned.
  4. Players of the losing team who receive a medal from the "worthy resistance" list receive additional experience, which is not displayed in the post-battle statistics, but is taken into account when issuing a mastery mark.

Achievements are awarded to players for exceptional performance in battle. Medals and achievements can either be tied directly to the player's statistics, or be issued individually for each tank and its crew members.

How to place an order in Wot gun marks boosting service?

  1. Leave a request on the site;
  2. Our specialist will contact you to specify the details of the order (equipment / number of battles);
  3. Pay the order in a way convenient for you;
  4. Get the long-awaited result.

By the way, if there is any reason why we are not able to perform the order, we return the money to you back. So boost your account and get wot moe grind with us. 

Our main advantages:

  • We carry anonymity;
  • We work very fast;
  • Our prices are affordable;
  • Available live chat;
  • Guarantee of result.

So if there is a desire to get marks of excellence in Wot but you don't have enough time, our Wot marks of excellence boosting service comes to the rescue. Contact us and our professional and experienced team of players with some of the highest rates in WoT will help you to buy marks of excellence at short periods of time and at low cost. 

Mark of Excellence (Average damage)

Prerequisites and minimum requirements:

Active premium account
500.000 silver for premium ammunition
100 gold for equipment replacements
During order execution you don't play on leveling tanks.
Tanks must be fully researched and equipped.
Ability to change modules
Ability for crew retraining
Commander's "Sixth sense" perk and 100% basic crew skills
100+ battles Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" guaranteed

Please be sure you played at least 1 battle on this tank during last 2 weeks for correct calculation percentage for MOE

EU NA clusters ONLY!


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