At some stage each of us has probably asked the question: “What is the best tier X tank? Which one should ispend my time grinding for? ". It is difficult to answer them definitively, because there are many opinions and everything depends on individual preferences. In addition to this sometimes developers come to the conclusion that a particular tank is too good and as a result nerf them.

But we will try to define which tier X tanks are the best in World of Tanks for 2019. We will be guided by in-game statistics for 2019, as well as gameplay features and performance characteristics.



Represents an alternative tech-tree of the Soviet TD with rear guns. This vehiclereally powerful in random battlesdue to the excellent performance characteristics that making it an ideal assault tank destroyer. It has a weapon with an acceptable single shot damage and sufficientpenetration, combined with excellent armor, it allows even heavily armored tanks to be swept away in its path. The DPM is only 2393, but a skilled crew with a gun rammer will help reduce the reload time and thereby increase the damage.


Advantages: excellent frontal armor; comfortable horizontal aiming angle; good gun stabilization; high velocity of projectiles; good stealth coefficient, as for TD such size; excellent dynamics and terrain resistance.

Disadvantages: a large spread per 100 meters - 0.42; small alpha strike and correspondingly low DPM; Horizontal aiming angle of guns is down -5 °; low basic view range; the lowest communication range.



Top Soviet MT, which by the virtue of their performance characteristics became a universal fighter. The gun of Obj. 430U broke the Chinese monopoly of the “big 122 mm guns”. Competent implementation of such a gun will give the user the opportunity to cause 2,750 damage per minute, and a crew with the “Brothers in Arms” and gun rammer will contribute to the increase of this indicator. The mobility of the tank is below average, but it is enough to change flanking positions or twist around clumsy heavy tanks. The tank also received solid armor as for a medium tank.


Advantages: high alpha strike; the best armor among MT tier X; good view range; short silhouette; high stealth coefficient; ricochet armor.

Disadvantages: mediocre speed as for MT; low damage per minute; poor accuracy; weakly armored lower frontal plate; gun go down only by -5 °.



This heavy British tank came to replace the FV215b. It has good mobility and terrain resistance, so it quickly picks up maximum speed.

The main pride of the British gentleman became the 120 mm gun. She is deprived of a large single shotdamage, but has excellent accuracy and rate of fire. Comfortable armor penetration by all types of shells combined with their high flight speed allows for 2877 damage per minute, which is one of the highest indicators among heavy tanks tier X.


Advantages: excellent armor of the upper frontal plate and towers with anti-cumulative shields; rational incline of upper frontal plate armor; excellent stabilization of the gun; comfortable horizontal aiming angle; rapid-firing guns with good accuracy and fast aiming time; good mobility, as for HT.

Disadvantages: weakly armored lower frontal plate; mediocre dynamics; high chance of fire, frequent vulnerability to critical damage to ammunition racks as they are located in the lower plate area; high-explosive opponents deliver inconvenience, significantly breaking through the tank tower.



The WZ-111 5A is a universal HT that can drive with allied HT and can support the breakthrough of medium tanks due to good dynamics. Despite the low horse power, good terrain resistance allows quite quickly gaining speed up to 50 km/h.

As arming WZ-111 5A has a powerful 130 mm gun with good horizontal aiming angle -7 /  23 °. Potential damage per minute is 2738. The average flight speed of all types of shells 930 m/s spoils this impression a little.


Advantages: excellent dynamics and mobility; a gun balanced in all parameters; good frontal armor hull and tower; good single shot damage; high DPM;

Disadvantages: low nominal armor of hull; relatively low shells speed; low strength of the internal modules; high probability of fire; weakly armored lower frontal plate; sufficient penetration of AP and HEAT;



The crown of development of the Italian tech-tree of medium tanks. The tank has a good horse power and terrain resistance, which makes it easy to gain a maximum speed of 65 km/h. The main feature of Progetto 65 is the armament. The tank has a drum recharging mechanism, which can be accelerated using a gun rammer. Progetto 65 has a very small alpha strike of 360 and consequently a mediocre damage per minute is 2253. There are 4 shells in magazine, which, depending on the situation, can be used in different ways. Therefore, the best option is to gradually kill the enemy with single shots until it can be killed with the rest of clip. The tank has a good stabilization of the guns in movement, horizontal aiming angle of guns is -9 /+20 ° allowing you to play with terrain and the accuracy is comfortable enough to shoot from afar.


Advantages: good stabilization of the gun; excellent accuracy; comfortable horizontal aiming angle of guns; good disguise; excellent dynamics and maximum speed; HESH landmines with a penetration of 105 mm.

Disadvantages: poor armor; small DPM; low single shot damage; you need to get used to the recharging mechanism.


In conclusion, you should understand that the game doesn't have a super cool tank that could  one shot everyone at anytime. However there are good vehicles with the potential to get you to the top of the team while dealing a lot of damage, and also giving the owner an interesting gameplay experience.


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