Frequently Asked Questions - Leveling & Account Boost


1. How works?
You choose our services, place an order and enter account data. You make a payment in a convenient way. Our experts immediately begin to work on your order. We provide daily updates/reports by email. After the order completion we glad to see +1 happy client :)


2. Is it Safe? Can someone steal my account or personal information during account leveling?
Impossible. Just make sure that your game account linked with your phone number. If someone want to change the password on your account you will receive SMS message, without which it is impossible to change the password.


3. What the price consist of?
The execution of the order takes a lot of time. When ordering services you buying time of professional players with their skill, experience and game knowledge. Also in exchange you get MORE free time for comfortable game experience. Cheap services unlikely to provide services of such quality.


4. Who is leveling my account?
Power-leveling doing by our professional team of players. Generally, we worked in many online projects and have a huge experience in online-gaming.


5. Why low-tier(1-4 level) tech leveling has 25% higher price?
Leveling low tier ships/tanks requires more time and efforts due to low average experience per battle. 


5.1 Price on SPG XP grind is the same as for LT, MD, HT, TD?

XP grind on SPG require much more time and effort. Thats why price is higher by 30%


6. How long will it take?
We do NON-STOP leveling only, but leveling speed depends on different factors: type and tier, installed modules, signal flags availability, captain perks and even day of the week. Usually 75000 - 100000 experience points per day. 


7. How do you calculate experience when completing the order?
In any case you will get full amount of purchased experience and free of charge Free XP (5% of  total xp bought ). And please consider all additional experience our drivers will get with the use of camos and signals earned with heroic achievements will be counted as a part of total amount of bought XP.


8. What are prerequisites?
Account must have a premium status. You must have enough credits to buy all necessary ships and modules.
Please have a enough gold for captain retraining  and equipment replacements for new ships or tanks. In case if you don't have active premium account price formula is simple: amount of ordered experience will be divided by 1.5 (premium account multiplier)


9. What if in the process of leveling it turns out that not enough credits on the next ship/tank, what to do?
We will inform you by email. You can sell unnecessary equipment, ships/tanks, buy credits from the official website or you can order us insufficient credits farming.  


10. Will you research and buy "unnecessary" modules?
We may not research all the modules in some cases. And we definitely will not research modules which are not needed e.g. two Flight Controls for the carrier or alternative guns for tanks. In all other cases, researching of all modules of this ship/tank is considered a basic requirement. Required upgrades will be bought and mounted also. We don`t use bots to work on your account without the above. With our basic rule you will get: guaranteed 100 000 XP per day, much more credits, commander/crew boosting, raising statistic.


11. What guarantees can you give? How can I trust you?
GoldRino-power offers in-game services in various games for more than 5 years. We do not use any cheats, bots, third-party programs. Your account, we will be power leveled exclusively by hand.


12. What payments methods you accepting?
Western Union


13. Can I play during order execution?
Sure. We can make an agreement about time frame when you want to play. Just inform us with your time zone and exact time when you want to play. Please do not convert XP during order execution and don't play leveling ships for fair calculations.


14. Do I need to change the account password after order completion?
You can be absolutely confident in the reliability of our team of experts, but we still ask you to change your password before and after completing the order for your peace of mind.


15. Did a checkout? What's next?
You can make a payment by following the instructions, or get invoice to your specified e-mail. Work on your order will begin in next hour.


16. How can I contact you?
You can use any of the methods listed here:


17. At what cluster you guys working?
All clusters: EU/NA/ASIA


18. I want to get higher tier ship/tank. How can I calculate amount of required experience fast?
You can use our online calculator


19. What client status gives me?
Depending on your client status you get more custom options, progressive discounts, monthly gifts and bonuses giveaways.


20. Where I can see examples of your work?
You can check battle results, videos and customers reviews on our Portfolio page


21. Will you use my flags/signals during order execution?
We will use all neсessary COMBAT signals for better and faster results


22. Will you open daily Containers (WoWs)?
Usually our drivers open earned daily containers and get into your account some additional resources. If you want to save earned containers please write it in comments to order.


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