WoT Guides: Dealing with Losing Streaks

WoT Guides: Dealing with Losing Streaks

Losing streaks and how to deal with it


You lost another battle in a row again?  Then you have losing streak, then this article is for you.

Let's find out why losing streaks occur in wot and let’s give simple recommendations on how to correctly act in a situation where you lose several games in a row.

Why are losing streaks happen in World of Tanks?

Why when I doing everything right: aiming, hit precisely target, and the shells go then to the right, then to the left, then up and down, and do not hit the tank at all.  What's the matter?

To answer this question, we have prepared list of several reasons why losing streak happens in world of tanks.

Let's put this reasons/situations in right order from the highest and most frequent to rare from top to bottom.


Situation 1.

Most often haste and the desire not to miss farm opportunities leads to losing streak. This attitude on the game often leads to the fact that you are in the middle of the hottest battles. Naturally the risk of being eliminated there is on maximum level and a series of loses will continue. If after the beginning of the battle you immediately trying to conquer favorable position competing with the players of your team for the best place on the map - then you are in a hurry.

What to do in a situation 1. First of all, stop and do not rush. Give the events on the battlefield to develop without your direct involvement. Play in the second line of defense. Do not be a shield for other tanks. Take care of your tank. Do not seek to inflict as much damage as possible at any cost in order to farm more credits and experience. When you have a chance to safely show yourself - you will feel it and make that a shot at the enemy tank.


Situation 2.

The second place in the frequency of influence on loses in the World of Tanks is the lack of a good mood. Practically your mood is influenced not by the game itself, but by your environment and people who are near you.

What to do in situation 2. If you need to go to the store or somewhere else, do not sit and play a couple more fights before you leave the house. First, settle all your business, ensure yourself a guaranteed free time and the availability of personal space, then calmly sit down to play World of Tank. Take more breaks battles to chill and relax. Remember - "World of tanks" is just a game. Do not spend all your free time. Part of the free time should be given to home affairs, study or work, as well as meeting with friends.


Situation 3.

The third in the reasons of losing streaks is not enough experience or lack of some skills, use of the same strategies on same maps and same tanks each game.

What to do in situation 3. It is important to understand and know your current skills as a player in World of Tanks. Take some time to go into training battles and check how to penetrate some tanks, which you can not easily hit in battle. In every battle, try to use different strategies and tactics.  Take it as a rule - try to play differently then you used to play every game.

If you like to rush - try to play reasonably, do not move without team scouting for you.

If you like to camp - try to Rush!

On SPG - try to change the position more often or try some new positions.

On a heavy tank, after a couple of shots and first engagements, go back to defend the base.

On mediums -  scout and do not engage in battle.

On a light tank, wait for the end of the main engagement and only then go scout.

On the TD (Tank Destroyer) - Try to play more aggressively - tank the damage, push with your team.

This will significantly reduce number of loses in the wot and enrich you with set of of new strategies and tactics. In addition to the number of new strategies, do not forget about the quality of their execution. Try each game to play differently and unusual.


Situation 4.

The fourth reason of losing streaks is a misunderstanding of the current game situation and/or the inability to adapt quickly to changes on the battlefield.

What to do in situation 4. Perhaps this is the most difficult - to monitor the game situation on mini-map and you won't miss any details. You must understand and constantly monitor what happens not only in front of your tank, but situation on all other flanks. From time to time monitor the situation at your base and, if necessary, correspond in a general chat with SPGs or tanks that are in close proximity to your base. Specify whether they need your help. Inform your allies of the enemy tanks movements and their attempts to break through the defense. Not all players look at mini-map for location of your tank. Especially you need to see when the enemy clearly overwhelming you and he's able to quickly destroy your tank. Try to avoid such situations and try to move to the depth of defense in time or change the flank. Later, your tank will come in handy for defending cap point. The same applies to your attacks - watch out when opponents are distracted by other tanks and leave your ambush to attack from different direction. All the variants of the battle events and engagement in the World of Tanks cannot be described at once, but remember you need to constantly collect information on the situation in battle, so that you can instantly analyze it and make the right decisions. Watch what's happening around you and what's happening on mini-map.


Situation 5.

In the fifth situation, the reason is a platoon composition and its actions on battlefield. Playing in a platoon formed with a different tank classes and tier levels often leads to loses. Also as a reason can be a difference in the skill level of the players.

What to do in situation 5. Try to form platoon with the same class and tier to act together. Form platoon with players of the same skill level as you. Think about the composition of the platoon to act together and well-coordinated.


Situation 6. Playing in prime time is the sixth situation, leading to frequent loses. Prime time is the time when the largest number of active players are on-line in the battles in the World of Tanks. What to do in situation 6. Everything is simple - to win more, play when a lot of skillful players off-line. Let's explain why the prime time negatively affects your victories? The fact is that your skill, determining the level of your understanding of World of the Tanks game is constantly competing with other players. The more skillful WoT players on-line, the higher chance to meet them. And now tip for those who read our articles to the end. To safely play and expect to win the battles even in prime time, try to play on premium tanks. These tanks have a higher ratio to hit the top of your team list. So, by choosing a premium tank to participate in battle, you will protect your chances from the many high-skill opponents just by getting top tier position of the list of combatants.


As you know, losing streaks in the World of Tank lead to a drop in silver income, speed of researching of new tanks and modules, slow down crew's training and what's most unpleasant - spoil your statistics and efficiency ratings. Use our simple tips and advices for each of the situations described above to increase the number of victories in tanks and to improve your World of Tanks skills.


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