WOT Efficiency Ratings Guide

WOT Efficiency Ratings Guide

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World of Tanks Efficiency Ratings Color Explanations


WOT Efficiency Rating is a collection of data that shows how effective you are on battlefield, your damage and your overall performance in combat. With the help of the efficiency rating you can see other players’ skill before battle start.  Efficiency ratings it’s a first thing clan recruiter watch. Efficiency rating became an alternative to a simple win rate percentage, since win-rate does not show the game skills of a particular person. The automatic WOT efficiency calculators allows you to evaluate a combination of factors which show how good is particular WoT player.


In game chats, forums and other places connected with the "World of Tanks", players see questions like "Tell me my efficiency," "What color am I?" And so on ... Many players know what it is, but some are wondering - what is the World of Tanks efficiency rating?


In this guide we will try to answer the questions:


What is efficiency rating?

When you get points for your rating?

On which tanks rise your efficiency rating?

Some advices how to boost your efficiency.

The general concept of the efficiency in WOT


Efficiency rating in World of Tanks - this is the personal player ranking, which shows your skills and knowledge of this game. There are two types of efficiency statistics in WOT - "hangar" and "combat" statistics. Combat efficiency is the rating that the player sees in battle, and the hangar (efficiency on certain tank) -  xTE, the statistics of a certain tank, which is compared with the average values ​with all same tank of all its drivers.


Color ranges

Let's just say - the more useful and effective player on the battlefield, the higher his WOT efficiency ratigs and statistic. There are 6 color zones that show personal skill of the tankman (the color nickname in team lineups).


The first zone, terrible for any player of World of tanks - is red. Such guys have, as a rule, the general statistics on the account below 47% and the efficiency from 0 to 629. Basically, these are new players in World of Tanks who is learning the basics of the game, although there are also exceptions.


The second color range is orange, with efficiency from 630 to 859 and win rate is about 47-48 %. Such players are better in comparison with "reds", but also fall under criticism of allies because of their game decisions. This range includes those players who enjoy game during the battle, but not the numbers in after-battle statistics. "I went first, made a couple shots, died first, took another tank and start another battle" - It's main concept of the "orange" players.


The third, a vast zone - is "yellow" players, whose statistics is about 860 to 1139, and the percentage of victories - from 49 to 51. Players with the yellow efficiency are majority in World of Tanks.

These guys understand the basics of this game:

How Battle goes on different maps with different team lineups.

They know the main attack directions and "profitable" positions.

Difference in shell types, penetration zones of enemy tanks, and basics of scouting and spotting for allies.


These are "hard" boys who are capable of repelling enemy attacks. Yes, these players are not "ideal", they tend to make mistakes in important moments, or even die at the beginning of the battle. But the main thing is what they trying to think and analyze their actions during the battle, and not everyone capable of doing this!


After the yellow goes "green" players, who care about their efficiency and try to play on tanks that suits them to maintain or improve their statistics values with 1140-1459 efficiency rating and a win-rate about 52-56. "Green" players are main supporters for the Allied team and a source of danger for opponents. A platoon of three "green" players on top of the team list, are able to change the outcome of battle in their favor. "Green" players know well any map, terrain on these maps, they know where to advance first, and where are danger zones of enemy crossfire. These players have a good reputation. Top World of Tanks clans begin to recruit their new members starting from the "green" zone.


The next color range are profiles with "blue" statistic, with 1460-1734 rating and 57% -64% win-rate. These are "armed and dangerous" guys, who can change the outcome of any battles, even those "already lost" ones. Take first place in a match by experience and damage? For these guys this task is not so complicated - they know how to "carry" games and what tanks are more convenient and easier for such tasks.


And the last zone is purple. "Unique" players with efficiency 1735 and above, the win-rate 65 +.

Often, such accounts are "twinks" with couple hundred or thousand battles played, but there are also exceptions. "Purple" guys are the most dangerous opponents on the battlefield. They tend to change any situation for themselves. Usually they play on "imba" tanks ( "Imba" is used mostly in online games or games that have patches or different versions. Imba means that something is imbalanced and should be "nerfed" or made worse. When something is imba it means that is is too good and it makes the game unfair)  - tanks with good penetration and accuracy, optics and speed. Such tanks for example: tanks with autoloader tier X Bat-Chat, T57 Heavy, AMX 50B.  Or with comfortable and accurate guns, such as German and French Medium tanks Leopard 1, AMX 30B and E-50M, and of course tier X Soviet Medium tanks. These tanks are very demanding of their driver’s skills, but they can do incredible things on battlefield.


So how to raise my World of Tanks efficiency rating?

The moment when the player thinks about this comes in different ways - in some cases it comes at the beginning of wot "career" after a few tens or hundreds of fights, and for someone it can take up to 5-10 thousand battles played, not to mention those for whom that moment never comes, who will continue to play with 30 thousand battles and 540 efficiency.


There are some solutions to the problem of "how to raise my efficiency in the World of Tanks". As an option you can create a new account (in some cases with 30k+ battles its literally impossible to fix ratings due to large number of battles) or start play smarter, more concentrated and be ready to learn some new stuff, even if you were thinking you knew everything about this game.

A new account is a simple solution, but not every player decides to do this - many have premium tanks, for which they gave decent money. But if buying couple tier 8 premium tanks is not a problem - a new account is good choice, especially when main passed 30-50 thousand battles and the total win-rate is only 47% and the efficiency rating is below 900. The process of raising statistics on such profile is delayed, so such account is a good choice, especially if player wants to get into a good clan.  Another thing, if main profile has only 5-8 thousand games played, then it is fixable problem - choosing the right style, choosing the right "imba" tanks, smart game-play and voila! Statistics ratings will turn green, or even become blue to 20 thousand battles played mark!

So, after the player decided for themselves what they want - a new game profile or start climbing to the top pops new question: "but on what tanks to play and what tanks to level up first" Well, we will try to answer this question.


On what tanks it is easier to raise efficiency ratings in World of Tanks?

A good choice is to start playing on Soviet tanks. Soviet "Heavies" forgive many mistakes of their drivers, and tier X USSR mediums are in the list of the best tanks in the game. If for some reason, you do not like the USSR tanks, then pay attention to the French medium and heavy branch with autoloader. US heavy tanks is a good choice too: interesting and dangerous tanks on the battlefield. But you can raise statistics on any tank you like, except for SPGs. Almost, any tank of higher tiers, starting at tier 5, has its own feature that can be used. The main thing that you should not forget is to inflict as much damage as you can. The old and simple rule for a good statistic: When your damage dealt exceeds your tank HP amount then your profile will have excellent statistics!


Good luck on the battlefield!


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