World of Tanks modifications

World of Tanks modifications

World of Tanks modifications

Mods are software that alters the gameplay and graphics of a game. They allow the modification of various aspects of the game, including the interface, visual effects, sound effects, and more. In World of Tanks, there are over a thousand mods available, and each player can choose the ones that best suit their preferences.

Modifications of WOT are created by independent developers, WoT players, history enthusiasts, or any project participant with a great idea and the time to learn how to create them. Mods can be published on the project's official forum or on websites specializing in mod distribution.
In the broadest sense, mods are sets of files that modify individual components of the game. Primarily, they affect the interface, sound, and the visual appearance of vehicles—essentially, everything within the client. Mods do not impact the server-side of the game, which includes visibility systems, shooting mechanics, and armor penetration.

Generally, players use mods to enhance the game's aesthetics, customize it to their preferences, or simply for entertainment purposes.
The results of mod work are visible only to the player.

What Mods Can Be Installed in World of Tanks?

There are numerous mods that can be installed in World of Tanks. Some improve the graphical interface, others add new sound effects, and some modify the rules of the game and the style of gameplay. Here are some of the most popular mods:

Retexturing and Remodeling

  • Changing the appearance of tanks
    Mods of this type alter the visual representation of combat vehicles in the game. These can be historical or themed camouflage (e.g., esports, clan-related). Remodeling changes the actual model of the vehicle, adding extra details or completely altering the machine's appearance. It's worth noting that remodeling doesn't affect tank hitboxes, meaning shots to parts added by remodeling won't cause damage.
  • "Penetration Skins"
    Special textures indicating critical points on a tank's armor, hitting which has a high chance of damaging modules or injuring the crew.
  • Contrast textures of the game environment
    These include bright textures for tank wrecks and damaged tracks. Game object textures, such as train cars, may also be altered to make them more noticeable in battle and avoid collisions at high speeds.

Sound Mods

Modifications to enhance, supplement, or replace music, gun sounds, and engine noises. This category also includes alternative crew voiceovers and the sound of the "Sixth Sense" lamp activation.
Sounds Mod — this mod adds new sound effects, such as new shooting sounds, engine sounds, and explosion sounds, making the game more realistic.

Battle Interface Modifications

  • This category of mods expands the functionality and alters the appearance of the battle interface. Various crosshairs, from information-rich to minimalist, damage panels, and additional markers (such as spotting markers and tank hit points in "ears") fall into this category. In essence, these mods can almost completely change the appearance of the battle interface and provide a vast amount of additional information not present by default.
  • Damage Panel — this mod shows the damage received by the tank and indicates where the hit was received. It allows for quicker decisions on whether to continue the battle or retreat.
  • Aim Bot — this mod changes the aiming reticle, making it more accurate. It can be very useful for players using light or sniper tanks.

Garage Modifications

Performing similar functions to battle interface modifications, garage mods allow the display of additional information in the garage (clocks, detailed skill descriptions, extended crew statistics, etc.).

XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod

XVM — a mod that displays player and tank statistics and is used to customize the interface according to individual preferences.
A global mod that significantly changes the game interface and introduces a lot of new functionality. XVM is free and publishes its source code under the GNU GPL v3 open-source license. It is continuously updated and improved by its developers, usually in sync with each new WoT patch. The XVM mod is more extensively described on the developers' mod website.
XVM is the most popular mod for World of Tanks with a long history and a plethora of options for fine-tuning and flexibility in gameplay.


XVM Mod Feature

Years of meticulous development have brought a wide variety of settings and conveniences to XVM.
Here are some of them:

Tank Markers

Tank markers in XVM are easily and flexibly customizable.
A broad set of settings, HTML and CSS support in text fields, an extensive selection of preset style macros and data – all these features help make your marker settings as informative and convenient as possible for you.

Damage Logs (XVM Hitlog)

Real-time log of dealt and received damage - a highly sought-after feature of the mod.
Fine-tuning options with macros and HTML and CSS support allow you to stylize the log in a unique way that suits you.

Replacement of the 'Sixth Sense' Skill Lamp

With XVM, you can easily replace the standard image of the 'Sixth Sense' skill lamp with a more suitable and attractive icon.
This feature is particularly useful for those who often miss the standard version due to insufficient brightness and inconvenient positioning in the interface.
The process of adding your custom 'lamp' image is straightforward: to use your image, simply place it at the following path:
Note that the file must be in PNG format.

Player Panels, Statistics Tables, and Loading Screens

The battle loading screen in XVM helps assess the situation of the upcoming battle and devise a plan of action before the round begins.
XVM enhances the informativeness and utility of the loading screen. Displaying player statistics allows for a quick and accurate assessment of the balance of forces and making the right decisions at the beginning of the battle.
You can also display player statistics in the player lists during battles: in the so-called 'ears' (side panels) and in the battle statistics table, which is accessed by pressing the Tab key ↹.
By default, player statistics in the mod are colored according to regularly updated color borders.
If necessary, all statistics values, as well as player names and vehicle names, can be colored using your own customizable color gradations.

Clan and Player Icons

With XVM, you can not only use images in text fields with HTML support but also assign custom icons to specific clans and players.
For example, this way, you can mark friends, allied clans, enemy clans, or the most well-known clans in the game.
Using icons is very simple.
Just place the icon in PNG format with the player's nickname or clan tag in the name in a special folder:
Instead of <region>, choose the folder with the name of your regional cluster.
Instead of <icon_type>, choose the folder with the type of binding (by clan or by nickname).

Enhanced Base Capture Indicators

Base capture indicators in XVM can display the number of captors and the approximate remaining capture time.
The capture bar in XVM has also changed. Thanks to the mod, it is now possible to display the number of captors and the estimated time until the end of capture, taking into account the current speed.
The visual part of the displayed information is adjustable using HTML markup, similar to other text fields in XVM. You can completely change the displayed information and finely adjust the display style to your liking.

Improved Minimap (Minimap Mod in XVM)

The XVM minimap can display the names of vehicles, player nicknames, icons of tanks that have disappeared from view, configure the display of SPG reticles, gun direction lines, view ranges, and other minimap elements.
The minimap mod in XVM gained huge popularity even in the test version of the mod, before its official release.
Extensive customization options allow you to configure the minimap as conveniently as possible.
Thanks to XVM, the minimap is not limited in size: users with screens of different resolutions can scale it to their preferences without being constrained by the standard restrictions of the game interface.
View range circles will help you choose a position more accurately and quickly orient yourself in battle, taking into account not only the combat situation but also the view characteristics of your vehicle. The ability to use tank names and shortened player nicknames next to vehicle icons has become useful for many players and indispensable for commanders.
Icons of the last known location of the enemy at the moment of leaving view will help keep a more complete picture of combat actions.
And of course, in any text fields of the minimap, you can use not only standard macros and text but also embed images using the <img> tag.

How to Install Mods in World of Tanks?

Before installing mods in World of Tanks, you need to ensure that you have the necessary administrator rights on your device. After that, launch a specialized program, such as Aslain’s for mod installation, which you can download for free from the official mod website. Next, choose the mods you want to install and click "Install." The program will automatically install the selected mods.

Mods need to be installed in the folders 'res_mods1.23' and 'mods1.23.' If your mod stops working after an update, simply move it from the folder of the previous version to the new Mods Assembly folder. Some mods may become non-functional or may operate with bugs. In the near future, all non-working mods and assemblies will be updated. Pay attention to the patch number on which this mod was tested. Be patient and stay tuned for updates. If, after updating a mod/assembly, your client hangs or crashes for no apparent reason, download the game cache cleanup script and run it; the problem should be resolved.

You can also submit mods for World of Tanks that you would like to see in the game. Mod authors can also add their creations to various sections of the website.

After the release of World of Tanks 1.23 patch, some mods need to be installed in the 'scaleform' folder, not 'flash.' 


How to Make Mods Safe for Gaming?

Mods not only make the game World of Tanks more interesting and diverse but also change the gameplay, making it more realistic and strategically significant. The installation and use of mods in World of Tanks are possible only when following the rules and installing verified mods. The choice and installation of mods should be deliberate and aligned with your gaming goals and strategy.

Just like in any other game, there is a possibility of using malicious code that can significantly impact the gameplay. To avoid this, you should only install mods that have been verified and approved by the World of Tanks developers.

Also, make sure that you have configured the mods correctly. Some mods may conflict with others and disrupt the game or damage the gameplay. Therefore, always check new mods before installing them.


Prohibited Modifications

Mods that provide a player with an advantage that the project administration deems excessive fall into this category. Such modifications are added to the list of prohibited mods, and players caught using them will be punished.

Unauthorized mods are those that confer an undue advantage to players over their counterparts. These modifications fall under the category of forbidden software, and players caught using them face penalties. 

The prohibited list encompasses:

  1. Modifications that unveil the enemy's position in a manner not supported by the client. This includes mods dynamically marking destroyed objects on the map and minimap by manipulating shell flight tracers or calculating the position of enemy SPGs with tracers, thus marking them. It also includes those that persistently display spotted vehicles, even when not within a player's aim or line of sight.
  2. Modifications that simplify the blocking of an enemy's shell by pinpointing their exact aiming point, such as using a laser beam, or plotting the anticipated path of the shell on the playing field.
  3. Mods that alert players when spotted vehicles are reloading or disclose enemy vehicle reloading timers.
  4. Auto-aim mods, often referred to as "aim-bots," that offer more functionality than the vanilla client's aim lock. This includes those targeting weak spots, weakly armored vehicles, or any enemy vehicle, fixing the sight on the target behind obstacles or calculating the lead instead of the player.
  5. Mods allowing the automatic use of non-Premium consumables before the announcement of battle results.
  6. Mods aiding in locating enemies by adjusting object transparency on the map.
  7. Mods leaving tags or indicators on the playing field where opponents were spotted by teammates.
  8. Mods indicating the direction of guns (e.g., in the form of lines or sectors) on the minimap.
  9. Mods displaying directional marks (e.g., arrows) pointing to the nearest opponents outside the player's line of sight.
  10. Mods marking adversaries beyond the draw distance using red columns, spheres, etc.
  11. Any mods altering the physical properties, performance characteristics, or effects of vehicles or objects in the game or violating game rules.


Penalties for Using Forbidden Mods

A standardized penalty system is enforced across all servers:
First-time offenders receive a warning and a seven-day suspension.
Second-time offenders face a permanent ban.
WOT specialists meticulously review various factors before issuing a final verdict, ensuring a high level of accuracy in their decisions. Consequently, there is no avenue for appealing the decision.
The punishment system is very strict, but players still do it, risking losing their account forever.

Why use mods?

There are many reasons that can be combined into one big problem: STATISTICS. Using prohibited mods, the player improves his performance over time, trying to bring his account to the top. To shield your account from bans, opt for only legitimate mods. 

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