Ranked Battles, Season X: fast and easy!

Ranked Battles, Season X: fast and easy!

Ranked Battles, Season X: fast and easy!


Short guide how to play ranked battles for getting the maximum rewards fast and without stress.



1. Do not play Ranked Battles in the first day

If you really want to start as soon as possible you can play only the qualification.

On the first day hundreds of top players and streamers rush to start Ranked battles, so it becomes impossible to predict the outcome of the battle. Don't be surprised that you will meet these players in almost every battle. Everyone gets nervous, swears, rushes, and you can’t accumulate chevrons. On the second day, all the most stubborn have already passed the qualification and there begins the usual calm random, where you need to play as efficiently as possible. Your main task is not to lose the chevrons.

An excellent result would be 12 chevrons after passing Qualification, good result is 8-11 chevrons. It is important to get 3-4 chevrons, which will be added before each new division.



2. Divisions

In the 3rd Division, it is better to start playing from the 2nd, or even the 3rd day. In this case, the most rabid have already moved to the second Division and the battles are becoming more predictable.

You need to calculate how many chevrons you will get for your bonus battles and how many chevrons are needed to complete the division.

To complete the 3rd division you need 29 chevrons. If you receive 12 prize battles, that's 24 guaranteed chevrons. (10 is 20, etc.).

Your task is not to lose chevrons in losing battles and try to get 4 chevrons in winning prize money. (of course it sounds obvious, but read on).


A few tips:

1. If you have a few bonus battles after Qualification, reach 1st Permanent Rank (it’s Rank 4), without using bonus battles, and get 1 more chevron there. Then it should be enough bonus battles to slip through the rest of division.

2. Play bonus battles every day on 5-6 the most efficient tanks. The most rabid players will be already forward, so you will be able to play for getting 4x and 2x most effectively.

Our task is to increase efficiency and get even more bonus battles.

If you can finish the 3rd Division in this way and you still have bonus battles, they will be useful for you further.


In the second and third Divisions, the number of chevrons increases to 31 and 34, respectively. Therefore, we follow the same rules.

1.We reach the first permanent ranks without bonus battles or until our guaranteed chevrons are not enough to pass the division to the end

2. We play 5-6 tanks per day (only bonus battles), repeat the next day.



3. Effective vehicles

Yes, we understand that Ranked battles are ruled by Chieftains and 279 (the second is less), but there are also great tech-tree tanks: Progetto, 277, 430 U, Chinese VZ 5A, Patton, Leopard, Stb1.

We need fast tanks that can keep up with the situation in battle. When you need to retreat and keep the chevron, in case of defeat, or to attack in a victorious battle in order to get into the top 3.



4. Play ranked battles in short sessions

You should play Ranked battles when you are well-slept, focused and in a good mood, so you have a high concentration.

The longer you play, the more often you will expose yourself, more often might be killed, lose the battle, and you will get nervous and lose control.

You will have a decrease in the overall percentage of Ranked battles, and it depends on league that you will get into.

If you play without stopping, you will not only have an increase in the amount of time for completing Ranked season, you will spend more credits and kill a large number of nerve cells.

If something does not work out for you it's better to stop, take the break, give your brain and eyes a rest. The next time when you will be rested, you will be able to make significantly fewer mistakes.



5. Try to use gold shells and landmines

In ranked battles, everyone shoots with land mines because the main indicator of experience, namely of getting ranks, is damage.

With land mines you can shoot at the tower and make 100 or even 200 damage You can easily make 50-100 damage and at the end of the battle it may be enough for you to get a chevron and get into the top 10 and top 3. It will be much easier for you to hit the tank armor and you will be able to make more damage.

And of course you have to use gold shells. For example, you have a chance to make 20 shots in battle. From a regular shells you can inflict 12 out of 20 shots, but when you use gold shells the chance increases, for example, to 15 shots. These three shots can play a big role in gaining experience.

That is why it is important to use gold shells and land mines in Ranked battles.



We hope that these tips will make Ranked battles progression easier for you and you will be able to have a fun and tons of rewards: Credits, Bonds, Gold, Equipment, Days of Premium account, Personal reserves, Directives, and of course new piece of improved equipment!


Happy hunting, Commanders!



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