Mastery badge “ACE TANKER” for any tank or SPG (Arty)

Mastery badge “ACE TANKER” for any tank or SPG (Arty)

Will help you to get “Ace Tanker” badge for any your favourite heavy, medium, light tank or SPG of any tier level with 55% winrate and EFF 1800+

Tank Tier Duration Price SPG Price
Tier 1-4 24 hours $10.00 $12.00
Tier 5-6 24 hours $13.00 $17.00
Tier 7-8 36 hours $16.00 $21.00
Tier 9 2 days $29.00 $39.00
Tier 10 2 days $29.00 $39.00

* Due to balance changes and high competition price for getting "Ace Tanker" for Tier X tanks and T55A, Object 260 doubled.

* Sending replays with getting "Ace Tanker" badge.

Prerequisites and minimum requirements:
Active premium account
100 gold for equipment replacements
During order execution you don't play on leveling tanks.
Tanks must be fully researched and equipped.
Ability to change modules
Ability for crew retraining
Commander's "Sixth sense" perk and 100% basic crew skills

Mastery badge “ACE TANKER” for any tank or SPG (Arty)

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