Silver Grind on Premium Tanks

Buy FAST Silver Grind on Premium Tanks

Supply your World of Tanks garage with credits to buy new tanks, new modules, premium consumables and ammo.

Just enter amount of silver needed and we ready to start!

+ 2 500 000 silver daily boost!

Premium account status.
At least one suitable tier 7-8 premium tank for silver farming.


Preferred tanks for silver farming:

  • Light/Medium Tanks: M41 Walker, Type 59, STA-2, AMX CDC, T26E4, PAnther 8.8, T-34-3, M4A1 Rev., 59-Patton, T-44-100, T-54 mod.1.
  • Heavy Tanks: KV-5, IS-6, FCM 50t, T34, M6A2E1, 112, Lowe.
  • Tank Destroyers: JagTiger 8,8cm, ISU-130, SU-122-44, E 25, Scorpion

As free bonus we will boost your account with:
Statistic improvements
Additional XP ready for converting for new tanks
Tank crew boosting
Personal missions objectives

Silver Grind on Premium Tanks
Amount of Silver
0 300000000
 Reserves +50% to credits are available
 Send replays after order completion

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