Ranked Battles: Eighth Season

Ranked battles are a special type of team battles with a stipulated reward system for successful players. Victory in such a battle helps to raise the rank, but any defeat can reduce it. That is why teamwork should be a priority for the best chance to win and progress in Ranked battles fast.

The eighth season of Ranked battles consists of 6 Sprints and 3 Leagues: Bronze, Silver, and Golden. To move to the next league you need to get the first rank in the current league one and Qualification.

Here you can order Fast World of Warships Ranked Battles progression for getting all sweet rewards. Be among the best! 

Bronze League     - $46
- 800 Steel; 400 doubloons; 10x Bronze camouflages; 10x Silver camouflages; 46 new economic bonuses; and Bronze League container. 

Silver League        - $96
- 1000 Steel; 600 doubloons; 5x Bronze camouflages; 10x Silver camouflages; 20x Gold camouflages; 62 new economic bonuses; and Silver League container.

Golden League    - $170
- 1200 Steel; 800 doubloons; 5x Bronze camouflages; 5x Silver camouflages; 10x Gold camouflages; 30 new economic bonuses; Gold League container; and one Ranked Token.

Completion of 3 Leagues (Bronze, Silver, Golden)    - $295
- Includes Bronze, Silver and Golden Leagues completion and getting all rewards in every League. We start working from Bronze League

Completion of 3 Golden Leagues    - $459
- Includes 3 Ranked Sprints in Golden League completion and getting all rewards in every League. Please make sure that Golden League is available for your account.


Eighth Season of Ranked battles    -  $719
- Includes 6 Sprints (1 time in Bronze and Silver Leagues, and 4 times in Golden for getting maximum Ranked rewards)
- 6600 Steel; 4200 doubloons; 35x Bronze camouflages; 40x Silver camouflages; 60x Gold camouflages; 228 new economic bonuses; 
Bronze League container, Silver League container, 4x Gold League containers; and 4 Ranked Tokens.

Please choose the most profitable option for you and enter the price in the form below:

Ranked battles

Prerequisites and minimum requirements:


- Active premium account
- Fully researched (with all modules and upgrades) standard or premium ships Tiers X
- Order duration depends on ships and commanders quality

By default if you choose option "Eighth Season of Ranked battles" we pass through 3 Leagues and then we will work in Gold League to get as many rewards as possible for you! If you choose certain League notice that Qualification is included in the price.

For personal offer - please contact us in our online chat or write request on goldrinoorders@gmail.com

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