Fast crew training in World of Tanks

Fast crew training in World of Tanks

Fast crew training in World of Tanks


In World of Tanks the skills and abilities of the crew have a huge impact on the characteristics of any tank. Having a well-trained crew is very important for a fruitful game, since a high-level crew increases the speed of the tank, speed of the tanks turret traverse, increases the aim speed, reloads, communication and viewing range. As you can see, almost all the technical indicators of the tank are improved with the improvement of the crew. Therefore, all the best WoT players have 100% levelled crews with 4 or even more skills.


There are a few basic ways to train the crew in World of Tanks:


1. Retraining with gold. It costs 200 gold per single crew member. Specialization level becomes 100%, so you can immediately begin to study the necessary skills. The method is quite expensive, and given the number of tanks in the game, retraining each type of vehicle can be quite expensive, but these expenses will pay off with interest.

2. Retraining with silver. It costs 20,000 credits, the most popular way of crew boosting because it does not require investment of real money. However, specialization level will be only 75%, which imposes a 25% penalty on the characteristics of the tank. Especially it's perceptibly for light tanks, due to a strong decrease in visibility. One way or another, it’s quite possible to get the crew up to 100%, although it will take some time.

3. Retraining for free. In this case, specialization of crew members will only be 50%. The tank will not move at the maximum possible speed, shooting will be more difficult than normal, and you will have to forget about aiming fire. It is recommended to use this method only for low-level tanks that can be researched in 2-3 battles, otherwise pumping will turn into a nightmare.


Choosing crew perks in WOT


Upon reaching 100% of the main specialization, you will be able to each crew member to choose skill or perk. The skill starts working when you reach 100%, then perk starts working when you start boosting and improves as it grows. The maximum value of perk is obtained when it reaches 100%. Some perks are common to all crew members, like concealment, firefighting and repair. And some are inherent in some crew members, for example, only commander can research the mentor and sixth sense, the off-road driving is only for driver, the adrenaline rush is only for loader.


For the crew of each tank, you need to choose their skills and perks. For example, concealment is not suitable for German heavy tanks, since they are huge and this skill does not particularly affect their invisibility. Controlled Impact is not suitable for arty or light tanks, because they have a small health reserve and weight. A ram in such cases will practically do no harm to the enemy, and most likely will lead to the death of the tank itself. Take your time when choosing skills for your crew. After all, you can change skills, but to do this you will have to pay a considerable amount of credits (while also losing 10% of the skill) or gold. It is no secret that for boosting all the skills and perks takes about 16 million EXP, and this is many months of work. Really few players can boast crews with 5 skills or perks, most players stop on two or three perks.



How to boost the crew in WoT fast?


A very strong advantage in crew levelling is buying of a WOT premium account. In fact, the experience gained in one battle increases by 50%, which allows you to boost required perk twice as fast. The difference is especially noticeable when you play a really good battle, where the percentage ratio will be felt.

An even greater boost to the growth of experience can be arranged if you get special or premium tank. All of them give huge bonuses to gain skill points. Together with the premium account, crew boosting will accelerated by about 3-4 times.

You can also use personal reserves, which are often issued for various events and give nice bonuses to experience as a percentage. Given that they operate for a certain time, it is possible to use one reserve for boosting several crews at once!

In addition, if you study the “Mentor” available to the commander, the crew will receive an increase of 10% of the experience gained, which is also a good bonus. Moreover, this skill is combined with the Brothers in Arms, giving a total of 15% increase.


In conclusion, crew boosting in World of Tanks is not something complicated, the main requirement is a lot of free time. If you don’t have time, but you need a well-boosted crew for victories in a random, clan battles or at championships contact us and we will help you boost your crew skills and perks as soon as possible.


Just use this package and all you need for crew boosting:

1. Having Premium account;

2. Tank tier 8+ which we can use for crew boosting. We will be able to put a tick “Accelerated crew training”, which will allow you to achieve the desired result fast;

3. It is desirable to have a premium tier 8 tank, because such vehicles have additional bonus of 50% to the crew experience. Also, if there are reserves for crew experience, please write in comments to order that we can use them. So, you will get much more additional experience for free, and your crew will be boosted faster and cheaper!


Happy hunter, Commander!


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