What tanks you'll enjoy playing in World of Tanks 1.0

What tanks you'll enjoy playing  in World of Tanks 1.0



With the release of Update 1.0, a new player may have a very relevant question - what tanks to research in a first place. Since there are more than 500 tanks in this game, there will be no time to research them all.

So we choose best three tanks in each class you'll enjoy playing in patch 1.0: light, medium and heavy tanks.



Light tanks:
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XM551 Sheridan (USA)

Pros: maximum view range 420 m, two gun types to choose from, good accuracy and stabilization with 105-mm guns, screens all over the tank body, except the turret.

Cons: one of the worst concealment among tier X light tanks, with max speed of 65 km/h, large tank size.

Verdict: Sheridan is probably the most fun tank to play among all light tanks. This is the only light tank, on which you can use two different tactics, based on the gun you installed on it. You can choose between 152-mm gun or 105-mm gun. Dealing 700-900 damage per shot or 390 damage per shot with more accurate and fast reloading gun. This tank is big, has poor camouflage and not the highest maximum speed, but in dynamics and maneuverability it surpasses many tanks in its class.


AMX 13 105 (France)

Pros: excellent gun stabilization with rotating turret, one of the best concealment among all light tanks, a good (68 km/h) maximum speed, good dynamics.

Cons: insufficient shell's armor penetration -  have to use premium ammo to penetrate armored tanks, poor maneuverability - the worst speed of the chassis turning speed and turret rotation among all light tanks, an average view range.

Verdict: The French top light tank can do, perhaps, everything - scout, deal damage and successfully maneuver. AMX 13 105 - a kind of “mini” Bat.Chat with 3 rounds autoloader and 390 damage in each shell. In skillful hands - it's a formidable sniper, who can or "cripple" enemy tanks or quickly kill already "crippled" low hp tanks.


T-100 LT (The USSR)

Pros: the best gun stabilization among light tanks, which is comparable even to the medium USSR tanks, a small silhouette makes this tank the most invisible among classmates, plus tank dynamics is of the best in World of Tanks.

Cons: average 300 damage per shot, weak penetration even with a premium ammo, a wide aim spread.

Verdict: T-100 LT is the most popular light tank in the game. And its popularity based on fun and simple gameplay, when you can spin any tank in the game and shoot enemies at full speed due to excellent stabilization.


Medium tanks:
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E-50 Ausf. M (Germany)

Pros: good chassis turning speed with a huge mass, you can actually use your armor, most accurate gun in the game, the best tank for ramming, a decent penetration of the base ammo - 270 mm.

Cons: a notable target for artillery due to its size, weak maximum speed, dynamics and turret.

Verdict: If the E-50 at the tier 9 is one of the strongest medium tanks, then at the tier X in fact, the same E-50, but modified - one of the best medium tanks. E-50 - it's a sniper with an almost perfect accuracy.


TVP T 50/51 (Czech Republic)

Pros: autoloader with 4 shells, 320 damage per each, fast reloading time and between shots, excellent dynamics, speed and maneuverability.

Cons: large size, poor camouflage and armor, 4 shells is not enough to kill top heavy or medium tank.

Verdict: on Czech medium tanks it is important first to take position and shoot approaching enemy tanks . Skoda T 50 is one of the best medium tanks at tier 9 as TVP T 50/51 at tier X. TVP T 50/51 don't forgive mistakes, but with the skillful driver able to do miracles. An excellent alternative to French Bat.Chat.


M48A5 Patton (USA)

Pros: armored turret, perfect stabilization, good damage per minute and good accuracy, minimal gun dispersion from turret or tank rotation.

Cons: large and noticeable commander's cupola, average armor.

Verdict: This is the perfect sniper, who is able to shoot everyone with his DPM guns and accuracy. M48A5 shines when using terrain and bushes, and also at the first line of the attack. If you like aggressive and fun gameplay, then this tank is for you. This tank will carry many games for you and your team.


Alternatives: Object. 140, T-62 and Object. 430U (USSR)

Object 140 and T-62:

Pros: maneuverability, ricochet sides, strong turret, good penetration, high DPM, object 140 has excellent stabilization.

Cons: low damage with one shot, these tanks often burn, armor is week and can be penetrated even by light tanks.

Verdict:  Object 140 and T-62 are the ideal balance of dynamics and firepower. Gameplay is very comfortable.

Object 430U:

Pros: good frontal armor, 440 damage per shot.

Cons: poor accuracy and aiming time, low speed AP rounds, poor dynamics in comparison with other medium tanks.

Object 430U is a heavier tank than the medium. On the second line this tank is useless, but on the first - a replacement of IS-4.



Heavy tanks:
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Super Conqueror (UK)

Pros: strong side armor, armored turret. With all installed equipment tank's DPM is 3,487 hp points in 1 min. This is the highest damage among all heavy tanks, excellent stabilization and instantaneous aiming.

Cons: poor maneuverability and dynamics.

Verdict:  It is easy to inflict huge damage amounts even playing with one hand.

If you prefer fast gameplay, then Conqueror is not for you. S. Conqueror is not as slow as Maus and Japanese Heavies, but can hold only one flank just like those.


Type 5 Heavy (Japan)

Pros: gun, it is impossible to aim the enemy's weak spots, premium rounds easily penetrate Type 5 Heavy armor.

Cons: Big and Slow, easy target for artillery, the lack of any kind of concealment due to the size of the tank.

Verdict: Playing Japanese top heavy tanks is easy. Yes, they are big and slow. Yes, they are easy to kill. But and it's easy to inflict huge amounts of damage and "one-shot" weak-armored tanks.

Type 5 Heavy is just like a Maus with huge HE shells.


WZ-111 5A (China)

Pros: ricochet armor, 490 alpha-damage, fast rate of fire, gun stabilization and concealment - one of the best among heavy tanks in the game.

Cons: detonates, a large aiming circle.

Verdict: The Chinese heavy tank is a great alternative to the outdated (albeit slightly updated) IS-7. The Soviet heavy is worse in everything. Take, for example, stabilization and aiming time. But, unlike the same IS-7, WZ - not quite a heavy tank. He took more from medium tanks than from heavy tanks.

WZ-111 5A - the best heavy tank for fast and aggressive gameplay. But this does not mean that it is necessary to be in epicenter of battle.


Good luck on the battlefields!


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