High Results Strategy WOT Guide

High Results Strategy WOT Guide

High Results Strategy for WoT


The concept of efficiency in combat depends on many factors. We will look at the main factors that affect your battle results in the World of Tanks.

First we'll talk about shooting. It is your effective aiming and shooting at the enemies will form final results of the battle and your personal efficiency and wn8 rating. The main rule: take initiative and attack.


Initiative and its impact on effectiveness

The higher skill of the player opposing your tank, the more frequent and sophisticated your attacks must be. It is important not to let the enemy rest and fully take the initiative. Dictate your rules, and not play by someone else's rules. Get ready to open fire at any opportunity. Remember: if you missed your chance to shoot at the enemy, the second chance may not be at all. And this means only one thing: you have reduced your performance ratings: choosing targets, aiming for too long, or for some other reason. Moment missed. These moments need to be implemented as much as possible. Do not miss the opportunity, use them immediately, here and now.


The whole set of moments and odds gives you a great results in the World of Tanks. If you see enemy reloads - shoot, leave your position and don’t think about arty landing shell on you. It won’t hit you every time when you leaving you position behind another building or stone. Act on the situation. You see a good moment for shooting or attack - realize it now. Sure your initiative will attract all attention of enemy tanks, whom you will meet on the way. The efficient strategy depends on the successful implementation of successful moments for shooting/attacking and the simultaneously protecting of your tank HP (hit points).


Protection of your tank and its impact on efficient strategy

The main and, perhaps, the main factor of efficient strategy is protection of your tank hp. Imagine the number of your tank's hit points in the total mass of all your team's hit pints. This is approximately 7% of the total health points of all tanks in a team. Your task is to make these 7% the hardest to get for the enemy team. 7% of your team hp will attract the opponent’s attention for sure. But protection of your tank and, as a consequence, saving your tank’s hp – main strategy of effective tactics in World of Tanks.


When each time enemy make an accurate shot on unprotected modules of your tank and you saving your hit points from this shots, you reduce the overall efficiency of the entire enemy team. Just think: overall DPM of enemy tank, which constantly misses due to your focus on defense and avoiding getting damage simply goes to zero! Your tactic in WOT should be simple: repeatedly saving your tank from shells, you increase the overall chance of winning your own team. After all, the result of enemy ineffective shooting on you does not bring any results to opponent team.

That is why always concentrate attention on protection of your tank hp as a part of efficient gameplay. Defensive strategies bring almost all the time great results in the World of Tanks.


Balance between attack and defense

It is important to understand with only good defense or only good shooting you will not achieve good results.

Let's imagine two simple situations:


First Example: Master Shooter

In this situation, your DPM will be on maximum, you will easily deal all possible damage to the enemy's first tank and make the first frag without problems, meanwhile completely zooming the scope to reduce miss chance when shooting. But at the same time, you did not fully defend your own tank and lost exactly as much hp as your opponent could have deal to you in response. Yes, you won in a direct battle, but you only have 10% hp left. What do you think, what will happen in the next encounter with the enemy? Right! You can make one or two shots, after which your tank will be destroyed. So what’s tank efficiency?

The efficiency of your game will be on average level. Even with the good aiming and shooting, you will not have much time to bring the real support for your team. It turns out that only a good shooting is not enough.


Second Example: Defender

No one can pierce your tank’s armor. You perfectly hide all vulnerable tank’s parts behind buildings, natural and artificial obstacles. Your tank's hp are constantly at 100%. However, you cannot get to any opponent, having only the ability to wait and defend yourself. The conclusion is simple. You will have full hp - this is good. But your opponents at the same time also have a 100% hp. And this is bad. So what’s tank efficiency?

Personal results with this strategy will be excellent. But the winrate and command results is not so good. Acting in the manner, you will not help your team to bring the victory any step closer. Remember this!


Balance of your skills - path to personal efficiency and great results 


What to do? You have already understood everything well. Keep the balance of protection your tanks hp and always look for the moments to attack. Ideally, you should damage opponents and not lose hp points at the same time. Aim for this result. Use the time of the battle as effectively as possible to apply the winning tactics for high result, win rate and efficiency in World of Tanks.


In this article, we examined on examples the use of strategies and tactics for wot high results.


Good luck on battlefield!


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