How to play on the battleship

How to play on the battleship

Battleships Guide, part 2:

How to play on the battleship


Actually playing on battleships is easy! Load armor-piercing shells and stay in fleet with ally cruisers and battleships. Stay away from islands, because enemy destroyers can attack unexpectedly, it is better not to approach them at all.


As for the destroyers, there is one golden rule. By the way this rule applies not only for battleships. If there is a possibility of a hidden launch of torpedoes from an enemy ship, never stay on same course and at a constant speed. Try to change course and speed from time to time, so you can easily avoid getting torpedoes. And do not forget about the Japanese and British cruisers they too can launch long-range torpedoes from invisibility.


When meeting enemy ships, try to stay at convenient distance for attack. It's good to keep a distance to absolutely avoid enemy battleships and cruisers volleys, but on the other hand, it would be nice to come closer to hit targets more often and have a higher chance of getting into the citadel of an enemy ship. Try to choose something in between, and remember different battleships has its own comfortable distances.


When tanking damage, it is important to properly locate you’re the battleship in relation to enemy ships. To ensure that you are less likely to get hit and not pierced by armor-piercing shells, place the ship against enemies with your bow. Or stern, depending on the situation. To shoot with all your main battery guns - turn a little your ship between enemy volleys.


If you are attacked from two directions, simply place the battleship bow (or stern) to one ship and with an angle to the other. Attack the ship, to which you stand with an angle and on which you can shoot from all guns. In this case, the first ship will not be able to pierce you with armor-piercing shells, and it's much more difficult to simply hit you.


Try not to get under enemy fleet focus fire. Otherwise, your HP will quickly drop to zero without even hitting your citadels. Enemy battleships will gradually destroy you with armor-piercing shells, while enemy cruisers and destroyers will permanently spam you with HE shells.


When choosing a target for a battleship, try to shoot at those ships, which citadels you can penetrate easier.

First of all, you need to shoot at those ships that sail to you with a broadside. The probability of a misses or ricochets in this case is lower, when the chance to hit enemy citadel is higher. Sometimes it's more profitable to wait for a while to send few seconds later full volley at enemy broadside to hit a couple of citadels.


It is better to wait until the enemy ship begins to maneuver and expose her broadside, than to shoot in bow or stern. Many players, by the way, understand this perfectly and do not start maneuvering until you make your shot. So sometimes you can shoot in the direction of the enemy with one or two main battery towers, so that he decides that you are discharged your guns, and began a maneuver. Then hit broadside with the remaining guns.


Try first hit citadel of enemy cruisers, then focus along with allies on enemy battleships. Remember, because the battleships can restore their HP with the "Damage Control Party" consumable, they should be killed very quickly, until they have time to recover HP points.  Usually same tier level and low-level battleships can be easily penetrated at maximum distances. This lead us to important conclusion: never sail to the enemy battleship with your broadside!


Playing bad on Battleships


As already mentioned above, the battleship is designed for doing damage and tanking damage. Do not polish blue line, staying behind your allies. You have an excellent armor and the "Damage Control Party" consumable, with which you can later restore some of lost HP points. When your ally low/medium t cruisers and destroyers can't.


You do not need to be last man standing battleship, it's not a heavy tank in World of Tanks. Skillful control of your battleship speed - most important skill in World of Warships when playing battleships. To start improving this skill, try to just move at maximum speed, periodically making anti-torpedo maneuvers.


Never show enemy battleships your broadside. It is also better not to show broadside to enemy cruisers, it is possible to pierce battleships armor with cruiser's armor-piercing shells from a short distance. Show only your battleship bow or keep some angle to enemy ship, do not let them hit you from different sides.


Plan your maneuvers in advance, even before you entered the battle. So later you don't have to turn your battleship under enemy fire. When planning a battle, take into account surrounding islands, which will help you to safely make a turn if necessary. Incredibly but fact is that the islands are not only our worst enemies, because of enemy destroyer can jump out on you, but also true friends covering your broadside when you make a turn. 


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