NEW Midway. Guide for American aircraft carrier level X

NEW Midway. Guide for American aircraft carrier level X

NEW Midway. Guide for American aircraft carrier level X.

In update 0.8.0. there was a major change to the base gameplay of the aircraft carrier class. In fact, the games new aircraft carriers have little in common with the old aircraft carriers.

This guide will not only be useful to the owners of the Midway class carrier, but also to carrier captains of the new generation, as well as those playing other classes of ships against aircraft carriers in battle.

If you just starting to learn aircraft carriers in general, or Midway in particular you should understand that now aircraft carriers have changed a lot, in some ways they have become easier, but in many aspects they require a serious PRACTICAL study of their features. Therefore, do not go into random battles in your new aircraft carrier immediately. First go to the training room, drop bombs, torpedoes, and rockets on standing targets without anti-air defense, see how it’s working and how you need to aim to inflict maximum damage, then try with anti-air active and practice attacking while dodging the flak explosions (Clouds). Only after that should you go in cooperative mode, play several battles in conditions which are close to random battles, once you feel confident there and only then should you go in random battles. Of course, you can try new aircraft carriers in random without training, but in this case there is big risk that you will not enjoy the game, but also you will nervous, don't understand what's going on, and may be disappointed in the new aircraft carriers.

New aircraft carriers are not as powerful as the old ones, but if you understand them, you can in a fairly short time begin to apply solid portions of damage and generally complicate life of your opponents in every possible way.

We now turn to the actual consideration of what constitutes the new Midway - the pinnacle of the American aircraft carrier tech tree.


We have three types of aircraft carriers: dive bombers, attack aircraft, and torpedo bombers (we can also call fighters as a consumable). The combination of the features of these aircraft and their practical application makes Midway very unique, effective and versatile.


Attack aircrafts

Aircraft equipped with missiles with very high flight speeds. The complete squadron consists of 9 planes divided into three links of three planes. There are two types of rockets available to choose from:

HVAR is a pack of 10 rockets on an airplane. the link at the time of the attack will have as many as 30 missiles, but each individual missile has a low fire chance, little damage and poor penetration.

Tiny Tim - heavy missiles, which have significantly more damage, penetration and the chance of causing a fire, but only 3 missiles on the plane in a salvo of 9 missiles instead of 30.

For experienced players, the best choice is Tiny Tim rockets. They show so cool damage on battleships and cruisers, also on destroyers they are only slightly inferior to HVAR (and even if the target is spinning, if the destroyer is standing or moving slowly and you entered it correctly, then the damage may be greater than that of HVAR). But for beginners, HVAR will be easier, Tiny Tim are very demanding for the way of approach and accurate aiming.

In general, Midway attack aircraft are well suited for first reconnaissance, as well as for confident damage to cruisers and battleships. They do not inflict such high one-time damage as torpedoes or bombs, but they allow you to effectively attack more maneuverable targets. In addition, due to the high speed of attack aircrafts they can more quickly leave the enemy’s air defense, especially if you use their acceleration.

Therefore, attack aircraft can effectively be used as an integral part of the tactics in your games using the Midway, when you alternate torpedoes and bombs with attack aircraft.


Dive Bombers

It's much more difficult to drop with bombers of Midway than attack aircraft. The whole thing is in the unusual behavior of the aircraft before dropping bombs – firstly they soar upwards, and then sharply dive at the target, and all this is not immediately accompanied by obvious features of the sight, which is why it is difficult at first to understand how to take the correct lead and choose the most suitable time for dropping to hit the target as many bombs as possible.

Therefore, there is only one advice here - go to the string and try, try, try. No theory will help here. But when you learn to confidently hit moving targets, then the damage will be VERY pleasant. After all, each bomber carries two heavy high-explosive bombs with about 66% chance of setting a fire. And as a result, with a good hit, it can be 15.000-20.000 damage plus fires. However, the use of these bombs requires skill not just when aiming, but also in the players approach as mitigating damage is the key successfully dropping on a ship as bombers spend considerably more time in an enemy ship’s short-range anti air bubble. Nevertheless, it is a very formidable weapon, especially for slow or standing targets behind an island.

Once you get the hang of it, with a certain amount of luck, bombers can even hit destroyers, and the damage in this case can be even higher than from attack aircraft. Of course, in this case, much depends on the destroyer.


Torpedo bombers

One of the most effective types of Midway weapons, especially against battleships and cruisers. You can drop 6 torpedoes per salvo, which can be dropped closer to enemy ships (at least closer than to Hakuryu), if the target is not very actively maneuvering. The damage from each torpedo is not great, the chance of flooding is average, but overall if you drop and hit about 20 torpedoes per battle the damage from them is not small.

But Midway's torpedoes have one very IMPORTANT chip, without understanding of which you can’t hit even a battleship: American torpedo sights reduce very slowly during preparation for attack and quicker towards the end of preparation. This phrase is literally the key to your success.

Having understood this feature and having trained with pre-emption, you can regularly drive all six torpedoes into battleship or cruiser. In the current realities, there is only one serious problem with torpedo bombers - they die quickly. 


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