Cruisers tactics and strategies

Cruisers tactics and strategies


Cruisers: Control and Maneuvers 


The most versatile ship in the game is a cruiser.  Deadly and dangerous "universality" - cruiser can perform almost any combat mission. Destruction of enemy aircrafts, attacks behind enemy lines,  fire support of allied ships. In the World of Warships, cruisers are the glue of any team, without which everything collapses quickly. So without cruisers there's nothing much to do in battle.

In battle often cruisers are the "defenders" of their elder brothers battleships. Rapid fire allows the cruiser to shoot and keep away destroyers, and a sufficiently strong air defense system - to destroy strike enemy air groups. The group of cruisers in World of Warships destroys almost any enemy without problems.


The basic rules:

  • Do not take risks just like that.
  • Wisely select your targets.

The most dangerous enemy for this ship is the battleship. One versus one with the battleship you can not cope - the armor is too strong. If a deadly duel still ensues, then try to destroy the enemy's modules with HE shells, disable guns, steering gear or try to launch torpedoes. After that, try to escape under the protection of friendly ships. The second most dangerous enemy in battle - the aircraft carrier. Although the cruiser in the game World of Warships has a strong enough air defense - it's difficult to fight alone against enemy air groups. The best battle strategy is teamwork. Even a small group of ships can easily repel an enemy air raid. If the dive-bombers attacking you  - it's best to maneuver, avoiding attacks. Well, if you are attacked by torpedo bombers - just turn to them with your nose and stern.


Pros and cons of the cruisers in the World of Warships
Like any ship in the game, the cruiser has its strengths and weaknesses.


Good balance of characteristics;
The second most effective guns in the game;
Strong air defense;
Average armor;
Not a bad maneuverability;
High rate of fire.


Universality does not make them the best in many ways;
Easily destroyed by enemy battleships - just a couple of accurate volleys;
They are inferior to destroyers in speed and maneuverability;


Overview of cruisers World of Warships - Versatility and Universality

Each of the ships of this type is unique in its characteristics. Someone has more torpedoes, some have stronger air defense and so on. Due to such differences, the style of play on each of them is different. Let's compare the two US cruisers: Baltimor and Phoenix. The first is more similar to battleships, due to high armor and strong guns, and the second is more similar to destroyers, due to high speed and maneuverability.
In World of Warships, cruisers are even more different by nations. For example, the Japanese cruisers have torpedo equipment, which is excellent in close combat, and the US cruisers - only artillery ships (only a few American cruisers have torpedoes). The main destination of the US cruisers is a strong air defense system.


Tactics for cruisers in the game World of Warships

The basic rules of the battle that will lead you to victory:
Best cruisers work in groups of 2-3 ships. Combat groups of cruisers are not afraid of aviation, and a massive fire will sink any ship in a matter of minutes;

The "sweetest" targets for cruisers in the World of Warships are destroyers and enemy cruisers. Wolf pack of cruisers can quickly destroy enemies;
If possible, cover battleships from air raids and torpedo strikes by destroyers, and in return they will cover you from enemy battleships (with such cooperation you compensate each other's shortcomings);
Sometimes you go behind enemy lines to intercept destroyers. If all the aircraft carriers have already been destroyed, then cooperate with the destroyers. If  destroyers will cover you with smoke, you will be able to cause covert attacks, which in the end will bring victory.


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