Earn Great Rewards in Battle Pass Season 4 fast!
The season consists of three Chapters, each comprising 50 Stages. Each Stage will bring heaps of in-game rewards for you.


Battle Pass features: 3 unique progressive styles, special Tokens that can be exchanged for rare Tier IX vehicles and tons of valuable in-game rewards. 


Hurry up to get the most valuable prizes of the Season: 

  • Battle Pass Tokens (up to 18 items) for buying unique Tier IX vehicles: Kunze Panzer (18 Tokens), K-91-PT (12 Tokens),  Object 777 Version II (9 Tokens), Char Futur 4 (9 Tokens), AE Phase I (9 Tokens);
  • Bounty Equipment (up to 3 items) and standard equipment (up to 6 items) of your choice;
  • Up to three crew members with selectable nations and major qualifications;
  • Unique customization elements: up to 3 progressive styles for the T110E3, the Object 705A, and the 121.

Also you'll get your hands on days of WoT Premium Account, Credits, Bonds, Garage slots, Personal Reserves, universal 2D styles, Personal Training Manuals, Blueprint fragments and other valuable rewards.


To get all valuable rewards just write amount of Stages you need in the form below (total 150 Stages). 
​We give 100% guarantee for getting the points and stages for you!


Basic requirements:

-Sufficiently many different tanks from tiers 6 to 10
-Opportunity to choose the best tank(s) for working by the driver
-Active premium account


Check Also:

Mark of Excellence (Average damage)
Mastery badge “ACE TANKER” for any tank or SPG (Arty)
Personal Missions: Object 260


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