Progression in the STEEL HUNTER event 2020

Order fast progression in the Steel hunter Event and get all sweet rewards: Gold, Silver, High amount of XP, combat reserves, Bonds, unique badges, lots of consumables, style set, and other items, and of course Grand reward in Steel hunter event - reward vehicles!

For each Steel hunter 2020 Stage, you can get a maximum of 3 tokens — one at Steel hunter Tier 5, one at Tier 10, and one at Tier 15. In total, you can get 12 tokens for all four Stages. Players who collect all 12 tokens can exchange them for one of the following exclusive Tier IX reward vehicles:

  • OBJECT 777 VARIANT II (a brand-new Soviet heavy tank),
  • CHAR FUTUR 4 (a unique new French medium tank),
  • AE PHASE I (an American heavy tank with four segmented tracks)!


Choose the most beneficial option and enter price in the box below:

10 high-skill battles in the Steel hunter mode               - $15

1 Stage of Steel hunter, Tier 15 Rank                                 - $55
(3 tokens)

Steel hunter Event, Tier 15 Rank x4 times*                   - $199
(12 tokens)


Contact our manager in online chat if you have any question.


- At least two Tier VIII tank
- Commander's "sixth sense" perk and 100% basic crew skills
- Active premium account


* After the completion of each Stage, progress is reset and you’ll begin the next Stage the following month from Tier 1. Note that we won’t be able to play Stages you missed. So, you can order Tier 15 x 4 times option only during 1st Stage.

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