Personal Missions: Object 260

Personal missions: The First front
Fast way to get Object 260 



- Object 260 - Soviet Union Heavy Tank Tier X

- Up to x5 female crews (don't forget to name tanks for female crew members)

- Unique medals, badges and emblems, credits, bonds, consumables, equipment, Directives, Garage slots and WoT Premium Account

- Crew XP, Convertible XP and Free XP

- WN8 according to your specifications and higher


Order duration: up to 21 days 
(Depends on tanks you have for missions)


Some of Priority tanks for missions:

Light Tanks: T37, Т-71, AMX 13 105  
Mediums: Cromwell, T-54, T 55A, Ob. 140, B-C 25t AP, B-C 25t , TVP 50/51 
Heavies: KV-85, IS-3, Defender, AMX 50 100, AMX 50 B, Maus, E100, Type 5 Heavy
Tanks destroyers: Hellcat, E-25, Rhm-B.WT, Skorpion G, T110E3, Grille 15 
SPG: Lorr. 155 51, B-C 155 58, Obj.261, T92, G.W. E100


* Our target is to get the final tank, it's not completing all existing missions. Please, don't spend 'Orders' before we finish our work!


If you need certain mission or some missions, please contact our live chat manager or write email on


Get desired reward without frustration and loss of time!

Personal Missions: Object 260




Prerequisites and minimum requirements:

100 gold for equipment replacements
Tanks must be fully researched and equipped.
Ability for changing modules and crew retraining
Active premium account
Commander's "sixth sense" perk and 100% basic crew skills

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