Ranked battles: secrets from our best drivers

Ranked battles is a special type of team battle exclusively for 7x7 players and only on ships of certain tiers. Each team can have no more than one aircraft carrier.

For victories in ranked battles, the player receives the stars necessary to achieve new ranks. The higher the rank, the more difficult it is to move forward: rivals come across more and more serious, more stars are required, and in case of defeats or draws they burn out.

Current season is one of many, where the skilled drivers from our team got 1st Ranks for our dear customers.

The "Ranked Battles" mode differs from the standard PvP by the presence of a constant rating, as well as cohorts of players of various levels. The mode is not permanent, it operates for a certain period of time - a season. When the season ends, the ranking results are reset to zero.

There are four main conditions for participating in rating battles:

  • Only players who have reached account level 20 are allowed.

  •  At least 15 upgrades must be purchased and researched from the selected Operator.

  •  You cannot go into battles on recruits.

Sometimes you don't have enough time to play Ranked battles, or it can be difficult or even painful, that's why we are exist and we are glad to help you. 

But there are those who persistently are trying to get Rank 1 and receive the sweet rewards by themselves. And this short guide is for such players. It's based on the experience of our most skilled drivers who are getting 1st Ranks every season for you. We will list the main strategic mistakes during ranked battles.

So, the following are bad habits to work on, even though it's "just a game":

1. To blame only the allies and aircraft carrier for the defeat.

Taking responsibility for the end result (primarily negative) is a leadership habit. If during a battle you are constantly immersed in thoughts of such a terrible aircraft carrier, destroyer, cruiser, etc.., about your worse team and so on, then you will not have time for making adequate game decisions. The result is loosing star again. 

2. To die quickly.

In this ranked battle as long as you are alive, you and your team have a hope. But it doesn't means that you should turn around and float on the edge of the map. It means that as a destroyer, you play carefully, light and don't die until you use all consumables to help your team. Also it means that often you shouldn't stand in your own smoke. Or for battleship, it means that you do not need to die until the Repair Party consumables have been spent, but hiding behind rocks is not also a good thing.  

3. To play on ship that doesn't fit your gamestyle.

If you don't like the ship, then why are you taking it at all? Take your favorite one and don't think about losing.

4. To change the ship after each defeat.

This is widespread bad habit and drivers think that at the beginning of the season optimal number of ships which you play on should be 2-3 best ships for you. Which will eventually come down to one, that you play the best on, judging by the statistics.

5. To play too much.

All of you understand what it's means. When you are playing all day and all night and try to get Rank 1 by persistence. It's not working. Most likely you will give up and hate Ranked battles. You should remember that you are playing for pleasure.

6. To boost ship and modules during Ranked battles.

Don't do it, just don't. The reason is trivial: most likely you don't know the ship well, therefore, you often will make mistakes and miss. You know the result.

7. To play for damage.

This is the path of deadlock and oblivion. You have to play smart damage. Any infliction of damage should not pursue the goal of severely punishing the enemy and saving the coveted star, but rather bringing the team a tactical advantage. You can't save the stars all the time, you will have to accept defeat once and very soon, because there will always be someone who plays damage better than you.

 8. To expect a miracle from aircraft carrier.

Aircraft carrier is the most overrated and underrated class in the game at the same time. If you need something from aircraft carrier, tell him about it politely, even if you think he is doing useless things (remember rule number 1!). 

Remember: a) Aircraft carrier has a finite consumable with fighters; b) Most often aircraft carrier works in one specific direction, and not all at the same time; c) there is not exist "teleport" consumable yet. 

9. To rush.

If you have a great plan or tactical move, then don't rush to implement it. Notify your allies. Never rush too much, your finest hour will come for sure and the enemy will make a mistake. The main thing is that you are still alive and ready for this long-awaited moment.

Good habits are developed by giving up bad ones!


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