Best premium ships tier 8 for Ranked battles (Season 17)

Best premium ships tier 8 for Ranked battles (Season 17)

Best premium ships tier 8 for Ranked battles (Season 17)

Season 17 of Ranked Battles in 2020 become very popular. This is due not only to the fact that all players need such a rare resource as Steel, but also to the fact that the Ranked season takes place at the eighth level, where the owners of premium ships can comfortably farm silver and free experience.


That is why we will help you choose the best premium ships for Ranked progression at the eighth level, based on statistics. After all, if you make a sample based on statistics the most effective ships will be exactly premium ships.


5. Atago

The cruiser Atago is one of the best popular Tier 8 ships.

If you believe the websites with north America statistics, the popularity of the Atago compared to other ships is 5.5% of all T8 battles played, the average win rate is about 57%, and therefore if you want to farm victories and you like cruisers, then this ship is the choice for you.

Atago is a classic Japanese premium ship that combines agility, resilience and incredible combat power. This cruiser is a real gift for all lovers of both improvisation. The versatility inherent in all ships of this class has been maximized. According to indicators of "vitality" Atago will leave behind any classmate. And a speed of 35 knots allows him to move almost on a par with destroyers.

- It has great concealment at 9.3 km, which allows you to play very aggressively in battle

- 10 km torpedoes are capable of inflicting significant damage when attacking on the flank

- Powerful artillery, on both High Explosive and Armor-Piercing shells

- Survivability is the best among of tier 8 cruisers. It is achieved with a combination of concealment with cruiser is almost invisible. It also has a repair party, which means that you can stay alive longer helping you to influence the course of the battle.

But you shouldn't assume that Atago is perfect.

The Japanese ships have an elongated and high citadel, so his citadel is easy to hit when giving broadside.

The artillery has a very long reload time, which is not always ideal, and missing your first salvo, mean that you most likely will not get a second salvo into the vulnerable side of your enemy.

4. Kidd

Kidd is one of the best destroyers tier 8 in the past Ranked Sprint, has a winrate of 59%.

But it takes 4th place because this destroyer is profiled as a destroyer hunter.

- She has a good concealment and five 127 mm guns, which allows her to destroy enemy dd easily at close ranges in short battles.

- She is same as Benson, but the main thing, Kidd also has a repair party that will allow youto defeat enemy destroyers back away from danger, lick your wounds and restore hit points and then rush in search of new destroyers. In total, this gives you almost the maximum survivability among Tier 8 destroyers.

However, Kidd is very dependent on the team in its games because it is difficult for her to challenge cruisers and battleships. And due to the make of teams in ranked battles –there is usually a lot of them.

 3. Lenin

Lenin is the rising star of the past Ranked Sprint with a top win rate if you forget about aircraft carriers. 57% win rate is really good.

The ship is very simple, because the survivability of this ship is top-end, but only until she shows itsbroadside.

- There is a bow armor belt so that the AP shells of battleships will ricochet if you angle your ship correctly

- There is also a 45-mm deck that covers the main part of the ship and protects the battleship from HE shells, even from heavy cruisers. Therefore, Lenin can be a little in the center of attention of several ships.

- Most importantly, this ship has excellent and accurate gun turrets that allow you to hit enemies from a long distance without having to get close to enemies.

- Another pleasant bonuses: the ship's main guns are all placed on the bow of the ship, which is why the gameplay of this battleship is often focused on choosing a flank and gradually pushing through.

So, if you are quite experienced commander who knows how to implement artillery with a short loading time and with a special commander Nikolai Kuznetsov can allow you to progress through Ranked battles faster.

2. Cossack

Cossack is one of the famous Tribal-class destroyers, which differed from their British contemporaries of the same class in their large size and enhanced artillery armament to the detriment of the torpedo. At the time of commissioning, it carried four twin 120mm mounts as the main caliber.

In 2nd place is a comfortable universal destroyer with a good ranked win rate. He will be able to capture points and destroy dd with artillery and has torpedoes to deal with both battleships and cruisers.

- The Cossack has good hp and has extremely versatile smokes with short reload time, these features combine to make the ship difficult to catch and cripple. This leads to this ship having good vitality.

- In addition, Cossack has good concealment, which makes it more difficult for other destroyers to hunt the Cossark down. As a result, you will be comfortable to push onto the point in this premium ship.

- But the best part is that the artillery on Cossack is strong enough to outperform most of his classmates when contesting a point.

- 8 120mm guns can upset destroyers with the weight of a salvo, and will upset cruisers and battleships with a high chance of fire and rate of fire.

- What sets Cossack apart from Kidd is the amazing reload time of torpedoes at only 66 seconds, and this is an excellent feature. Therefore, despite the fact that there are only 4 torpedoes in a salvo, their effectiveness will be higher due to the fact that you will fire them twice as often.


The biggest drawback of this premium ship can almost complete absence of anti-air defense, so you must act very carefully in battles containing aircraft carriers.


As a result, Cossack is less forgiving than Kidd, and perhaps is less effective in hunting destroyers, but at the same time he is moreversatile.


1. Massachusetts best premium ships

Massachusetts is the ship with the best damage and one of the best win rates in the recent Ranked sprint. Massachusetts is met very often in Ranked battles, about 5% of all ships.

The strength of this battleship is indisputable in the conditions of small teams and the Ranked statistics only confirm this. That is why if you are owner of this bb it's necessarily to try playing it in Ranked and have one of the fastest and most comfortable seasons to play.

- Of the strengths, the main one is fantastic vitality. While Lenin will live off disposition and armor, Massachusetts, capitalizing on the repair party's short cooldown time, will regenerate health like mad while opponents seek to sink it. Therefore, when playing against Massachusetts, it is extremely important to focus fire on this premium ship.

- The ship also has excellent torpedo protection that will save you a little and protect you from one-shot torpedo salvos from invisible dd’s.

- Thanks to the fantastic Secondary Armament, it will be easy to play in support of the destroyers on or near the point. Because the Secondary Armament has a large firing range and fantastic reload speed, has a high fire chance and does enough damage to make destroyers run from you on sight.

- Also, thanks to the great air defense, aircraft carriers also will be unlikely to target you early in the game.

It should be noted that it will not be easy for a beginner to play on this ship. Because Massachusetts is only particularly effective at mid-range. The battleship has a very low range and firing accuracy, which makes it extremely difficult to operate effectively at long distances. But if you know how to correctly calculate risks, then this battleship will definitely help you climb the career ladder and quickly bring you to rank 1.

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