Personal Missions: T28 Concept

Personal missions: The First front
Fast way to get T28 Concept 



- T28 Concept - American Tank Destroyer Tier VII

- Up to x5 female crews (don't forget to name tanks for female crew members)

- Unique medals, badges and emblems, credits, bonds, consumables, equipment, Directives, Garage slots, and WoT Premium Account

- Crew XP, Convertible XP, and Free XP

- WN8 according to your specifications and higher


Order duration: up to 7 days 
(Depends on tanks you have for missions)


Some of the Priority tanks for missions:

Light Tanks: T37, Т-71, AMX 13 105  
Mediums: Cromwell, T-54, T 55A, Ob. 140, B-C 25t AP, B-C 25t , TVP 50/51 
Heavies: KV-85, IS-3, Defender, AMX 50 100, AMX 50 B, Maus, E100, Type 5 Heavy
Tanks destroyers: Hellcat, E-25, Rhm-B.WT, Skorpion G, T110E3, Grille 15 
SPG: Lorr. 155 51, B-C 155 58, Obj.261, T92, G.W. E100


* Our target is to get the final tank, it's not completing all existing missions. Please, don't spend 'Orders' before we finish our work!

* If your account belongs to the Asia server please write in our online chat. The price for orders on Asia server is higher because of the high ping.


If you need a certain mission or some missions, please contact our live chat manager or write an email at


Get the desired reward without frustration and loss of time!

Personal Missions: T28 Concept




Prerequisites and minimum requirements:

  • 100 gold for equipment replacements
  • All needed tanks for working must be fully researched and equipped
  • Ability for changing modules and crew retraining
  • Active premium account
  • Commander's "sixth sense" perk and 100% basic crew skills
  • Please, make sure that t28 Concept missions are available for working
    (you have already got Sug IV tank)

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