Statistics boost: 20 Purple battles Purple WTR & PR Ratings

Boost your WoWs account statistic: 
WTR, Winrate, Average Damage, Personal Rating


Order 1 Day of the Purple Stats Boost!


  • Get the Purple stats for your WoWs account;
  • Fix the statistics results of failed battles, lost streaks, matchmaker, or bad teams;
  • Become a desirable player for TOP clans with new statistics;
  • Enjoy the purple authority among your teammates and enemies.

The Package includes 20 high-skill battles with the best performance:
WTR unicum ratings and 55-60% winrate.



If you want to get more order 7 days of Unstoppable Sprint: a whole week of Purple Stats Boost, where you will find:

  • Improving all statistics indicators on your account: WTR, Winrate, Average Damage, Personal Rating, etc;
  • Significant improvement in statistics that will help to join the best clans;
  • Purple stats during the work;
  • A lot of nice achievements for your account like Honorary Achievements (Unsinkable, Fireproof, Detonation, etc), Heroic Achievements (Kraken, Confederate, Dreadnought, High Caliber, etc) and so on;
  • A whole bunch of Combat XP, Free XP, and Commander XP.

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* Please consider: Not all ships are effective for overall account WTR and winrate boost, but if you make an order for these ships you will still get Personal Rating, Average Damage and experience boost and other performance ratings improvement for this ship.

Statistics boost: 20 Purple battles
$33.00  $25.00
 Send replays
 Extra speed + 25000-50000 more daily XP


Prerequisites and minimum requirements:

Active premium account
100 doubloons for equipment replacements
Ships must be fully researched and equipped.
Ability to change modules and upgrades
Ability for commander retraining
High-Skilled Commander is important

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