Knocking off Snowflakes

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Buy knocking off Snowflakes - first wins for Ships tier 5+ and get cool rewards: Coal, Steel, and New Year Certificate.


More Snowflakes - MORE PRIZES!

In line with wg traditions, ships of Tier V and above feature Snowflakes with holiday bonuses. The first victorious battles with each of these ships will reward you as follows:

  • Ships of Tier V–VII will bring you 750 Coal.
  • Ships of Tier VIII–IX will bring you 75 Steel.
  • Ships of Tier X will bring a New Year Certificate that can be exchanged for New Year gifts: Santa's Gift containers which can drop doubloons, Free XP, Coal, and other goodies. If luck is on your side, you might even get a Premium ship!

* Battles for getting Snowflakes in this package will be done in Co-op. If you want to order Knocking off Snowflakes in Random mode you can use this offer.
* Enter ship names/tiers for "Knocking off a Snowflake” in order details form and we are ready to start.

Knocking off Snowflakes
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