Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!

Here you can order fast completion of the
Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" campaign 

The main award for this campaign is Unique Commander "William Halsey" with 15 skill points and special abilities: improved skills "Expert loader" and "Expert marksman" and talents "Hit hard!" and "Hit fast!"
Also completion of various tasks and 5 missions will bring for your WoWs account plenty of additional rewards: Supercontainers, a lot of Signal Flags, Elite Commander XP, container allowing to start collect collection "American Crusiers", Modernisations, Camouflages and others. As bonus you will get lots XP and credits.

You can order any of five missions, or entire Campaign with Discount:

Mission 1 $30.00
Mission 2 $35.00
Mission 3 $30.00
Mission 4 $40.00
Mission 5 $45.00
Order entire campaign completion
from any stage with discount
Minimum requirements:
  • Activated premium account
  • At least 2 ships of 9 or 10th tier, at least 1 USA ship at least 8th tier
  • Captain with 10 skill points
  • 100 doubloons for equipment or commander replacements (if needed)

Within this order we will complete minimal set of tasks which will be necessary to complete campaign as soon as possible.
If you are interested in completion of all the tasks - please contact us in online chat or on email goldrinoorders@gmail.com (price will depend on your account state).

Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!
Campaign Awards:

Unique Commander
Premium Camouflages
XP and Credits
Elite Commander XP

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