The battle of Kursk: 50-day challenge

The battle of Kursk: 50-day challenge

Order The battle of Kursk progression and get guaranteed ALL rewards in this special 50-day challenge, full of varied and rewarding missions. 

We will make 50 missions for you between July 5 and August 23, and you will get 50 days rewards available for each fulfilled task. Your prizes will ramp up in value as you advance, topping the event off with a truly unique trophy.


Rewards for ALL 50 missions:
х8 Days of Premium Account
х35  Automatic Fire Extinguishers
х35 Large Repair Kits
х35 Large First Aid Kits
Kursk Event Medal
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
Coated Optics
Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer

TIER V T-34 shielded with a 100% crew and a unique style
A garage slot
A style applied to any of your vehicles


Note: If you want to get TOP PRIZE we should start working on 5th of July. If we miss even one day we can't complete all 50 missions!


If you need less than 50 missions, please contact our live chat manager for price.