"HUNT FOR BISMARCK" event rewards


Option for those who don't have time to grind and don't want to miss World of Warships "Hunt for Bismarck" event. High skill players will do it for you. Fast and easy. All rewards right in your port.

Along with all event rewards you will get quick and powerful account boost: a lot of  experience, commander boost, credits, signals, camos and new colletable World of Warships items, exclusive signal flags, special camos, badges and emblems.


Missions Rewards

- 500.000 Credits and Collector Container
- 10x "Hunt for Bismarck" Camo and Collector Container
- x2 Secondary Gun Modifications and Collector Container
- Damage Control Modification I and Steering Gear Modifcation II + Collector Container
- Two Permanent Camouflages for HMS Hood and Collector Container
- Target Acquisition System Modification I and Collector Container
- Tier VIII Bismarck with Port Slot or 11.000.000 Credits


Signal Flags, camouflages, and the necessary upgrades will be used to increase the effectiveness, survivability, average damage, obtaining achievements and achieving mission, event or campaign objectives.