The Waffenträger: Legacy

The Waffenträger: Legacy event in World of Tanks


Order fast event completion and get cool unique rewards!

By buying this package you guarantee get completing 20 Event Stages and collect a lot of valuable prizes:

  • 3 Keys to drive Waffenträger E100 in Event Mode,
  • 3 Days Premium Account,
  • 18 Harrierstarters and 2 Engineerstarters,
  • 3000 Bonds,
  • 2x Female Crew Members,
  • Many different Decals and Emblems,
  • And of course, 5 rental Random Battles on the iconic Waffenträger E100!

If you check the box "Additional daily missions" we will complete available daily missions to get maximum rewards in the event for you. 
The sooner you place an order, the more daily missions we will be able to do, and the more rewards you will receive.


In daily missions we will earn additional Starters for you, which are necessary for activating the Gates. Through activated Gates, you’ll be able to get a lot of valuable items like Credits, Personal Reserves, Days of Premium Account, Garage Slot, 2D, 3D Styles, Decals, Emblems, Premium Vehicles, or additional rental battles on the legendary Waffenträger auf E 100 and many more!


Hurry up, the last day of battles will take place on October 9!

The Waffenträger: Legacy event
 Additional daily missions


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