Order Special Missions to Earn Anniversary Coins and Unique Customizations!


The following missions are available:

  • Sharp Claws mission (Destroy 10 Sturmtigers)
    Rewards: 6× Emblems: "Good Old Sturmtiger", Wunderkind Medal
  • Sharp Fangs mission (Destroy 50 Sturmtigers)
    Rewards: 6× Inscriptions: "Arty Slayer" (EN), 6× Inscriptions: "Arty Slayer" (RU)
  • Hunting Grounds mission (Destroy 100 Sturmtigers)
    Rewards: 6× Projection Decals: "Playing With Fire", 6× Projection Decals: "No More Menace!", 200× Anniversary Coins

Plus, completing these missions will fill your vault with cool rewards: Unique Decals, Cool Inscriptions, An exclusive Medal, A special Emblem.


It's impossible to mount additional equipment on the Sturmtiger. It also doesn't have a crew, and you can't use consumables and directives. In this event, we’ll activate "zero economy" mode, so no credits are spent or earned in battles. 


To finish Sturmtiger missions and get your rewards just enter amount of Sturmtiger kills that you need in the form below.*


* Minimum order: 10 kills.

Personal Missions: THE SECOND FRONT
Ranked Battles 2020-2021 WOT-Boost
Mastery badge “ACE TANKER” for any tank or SPG (Arty)
Silver Grind on Premium Tanks


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