Progression in the Frontline season 2019

Order fast progression in the Frontline Event and get all sweet rewards: Gold, Silver, High amount of XP, combat reserves, Bonds, unique badges, lots of consumables, style set, and other items, and of course Grand reward in Frontline event - reward vehicles!
In total there are 4 reward vehicles: tier VIII STA-2 (6 Prestige points), tier VIII WZ-111 (10 Prestige points), tier VIII Emil 1951 (12 Prestige points), Frontline-exclusive vehicle, a secret Tier IX tank (15 Prestige points).


Choose the most beneficial option and enter price in the box below:

10 high-skill battles in the Frontline mode                 - $30

Frontline event progression Tier 30 Rank                  - $89

Frontline Episode 1, Tier 30 Rank x3 times               - $250

Prestige tier X, Tier 30 Rank x10 times                     - $799
(27 Prestige points for getting Grand rewards)


Contact our manager in online chat if you have any question.


- At least two Tier VIII tank
- Commander's "sixth sense" perk and 100% basic crew skills
- Active premium account


NOTE: Episode 1 is available till 18 of February!



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