The Polar Challenge

Order fast completion of The Polar Challenge and enjoy all sweet rewards in the event, get lots XP and credits earned during our working, 2500+ WN8 and 50%+ win rate guaranteed, and of course the main reward - Soviet Battle Star!


Just like most Soviet medium tanks, the brand-new Object 274a is a versatile vehicle with a tough bouncy turret and solid hull armor. Its 107 mm gun boasts great penetration and delivers 320 points of alpha damage, which means this medium can even jump into a 1-on-1 duel with a heavy tank and come out on top—so long as you play to its strengths.

This Soviet medium comes with a 100% crew with Brothers in Arms (as a "zero" perk) and a free Garage slot.


Rewards for The Polar Challenge:

Premium tank tier VIII Object 274a
100% trained crew with bia as 0-perk
Garage slot
Universal manual: 250,000 XP for each crew member
3 Days of WOT Premium account
1 100 000 credits
Personal reserves and directives
Lots Experience and Credits earned during the working
2500+ WN8 and 50%+ win rate guaranteed


Hurry up, The Polar Challenge will last until December 7th!


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