Halloween 2021: Mirny Hope

Halloween 2021: Mirny Hope
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The second phase of a special military operation, codenamed Mirny: Hope is running through November 11, and features new special vehicles, dangerous AI-controlled enemies, and ofcourse cool rewards for brave and dedicated commanders.
Don't miss fantastic rewards including the U.S. King Tiger (Captured) Tier VII heavy tank with an unique Mirny-inspired 3D style, Nox Tenebris!


Order getting Halloween event Rewards:

  • All Primary missions for the event
  • 3,300,000 Credits
  • 4 Crew Member
  • Decals
  • Personal Reserves
  • 3 Days Premium
  • Manuals
  • Premium VII King Tiger (Captured) + 3D style
Halloween 2021: Mirny Hope

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