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From February 7 through February 21, the Global Map will host the newest clan event: Confrontation, bringing with it tons of valuable loot including British heavy tank T95/FV4201 Chieftain — don't miss it! 
It represents an opportunity for you to earn one of seven high-performing Tier X reward vehicles and a host of other prizes. 


Rewards for the Confrontation Event:

Players (who are interested in the vehicles) will be able to receive the desired vehicle for their collection, while other players will be able to spend the earned points otherwise.


We guarantee getting one of the following Tier X tanks:

- British heavy tank T95/FV4201 Chieftain
- Italian medium tank Carro Da Combattimento 45 t
- Soviet medium tank Obj. 907
- German heavy tank VK 72.01 (K)
- American medium tank М60
- Chinese medium tank 121B 
- American medium tank T95E6


As additional rewards you will get up to 3000 bonds, up to 7 days of WOT Premium Account, up to 3.000.000 credits, up to three female crew members, Training Manuals, Directives, Personal Reserves, five clan styles and many more.



Note: this offer is available till 5th of February, places are limited, hurry up!



- At least 4 Tier X tanks
- Enough credits for working
- Commander's "Sixth sense" perk and at least 2 perks at 100%
- Active premium account
- 100 gold for equipment replacements
- Don't log in during Clan Wars prime time
- Your account should belong to Euro or NA server

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