Art of Strategy

Art of Strategy
Fast event completion

We will smash through four consecutive Progression Stages and complete daily missions to earn high-value rewards for you!
To build the event Collection and grab all the event rewards, you need to sequentially complete all four Progression Stages and collect three, six, 12, and 18 customization items, respectively. For each completed Stage, you will get cool rewards.


You will get the following rewards:

Finished Event with all 18 Collection Items; 5 Crew Member with Brother in Arms as Zero-Skill; 2500 Bonds; Universal Manual; 20x 50% Credit Booster; 3x Gun Rammer Class 1 and many more!


Get desired reward without frustration and loss of time!


Prerequisites and minimum requirements:

Minimum 2 Tier X Tanks
Premium account
Enough credits for working

Art of Strategy
Personal Missions: Object 260
Your personal professional WOT driver
Statistic boost WN8 4000+


100% customers satisfied!

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