Earn Great Rewards in Battle Pass Season 3 fast!
Battle pass features brand-new Bounty Equipment, two new Battle Pass Core Vehicles, two fresh 3D Styles and exclusive Custom Crew members for them, and tons of valuable in-game rewards. 


Season 3 offers heaps of in-game rewards that you’ll earn for reaching each new Main Progression Stage (total 45 stages).


Hurry up to get the most valuable prizes of the Season: 

  • As a rewards are including Standard and Bounty Equipment + some extra Demounting Kits
  • Two brand-new types of Bounty Equipment: Bounty Optics and Bounty Stabilizer
  • Up to two smashing 3D styles for this Season’s Battle Pass Core Vehicles: "Condor" for the T110E5 and "Triton" for the IS-4
  • A unique custom Crew members (John Reid and Nikolay Samohin) with Brothers in Arms (as a "zero" Perk) and enough XP to learn 2 more Perks/Skills.

Also you'll get your hands on days of WoT Premium Account, credits, blueprint fragments, unique 2D customizations, projection decals, and many more. 


Basic requirements:

-Sufficiently many different tanks from tiers 6 to 10
-Opportunity to choose the best tank(s) for working by the driver
-Active premium account


To get all valuable rewards just write amount of Stages you need in the form below (total 45 Stages). 
​We give 100% guarantee for getting the points and stages for you!


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