First Win - Daily Bonus Experience!

Easy & Powerful your world of warships overall account boost -   

Buy Victories for Ships with "First of the day Win" 50-200% XP bonus.  


More ships for First wins - MORE XP AND CREDITS!

Get up to 300 % more Xp, more credits, more signal-flags and containers, additional skill points for all your commanders.


It's a great opportunity to get bonus XP boost for your low-tier or stock ships, for researching, unlocking new modules and higher tier ships.

You can get even more if you ordering "First win of the day Bonuses" during weekends or special in-game events, missions and marathons. All bonus experience, credits and event mission’s objectives done during order fulfillment you get as a free bonus.


You do not pay for losses; you pay only for the number of wins with constant price per victory - all bonuses, which we will get for you - free of charge! 


* Enter ship names for "First daily wins” in order details form and we are ready to start (or ships you don't want to, if you have too many ships in a port).  
* In combination with XP/Credits signal-flags and camouflages you can get even more xp and credits, so you can prepare and fit your ships accordingly for more powerful boost.

First Win - Daily Bonus Experience!

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