Ranked Battles 2019 WOT-Boost

Ranked Battles progression!

Waiting for Season 2

Fast World of Tanks Ranked Battles progression to get earn tons of rewards: Credits, Bonds, Gold, Unique styles, Additional rewards and of course ultimate reward - desired unique Tier IX vehicle! 

(Choose the most suitable option and enter price in the box below) 


Ranked 1-15 – $59
Along with our usual earnings per battle, a stellar performance in Ranked Battles rewards you with special bonuses for reaching a new division. 


Division 1 (Ranked 1-15 X4 times) - $229 
You get 8025 Bonds, 5,3 mil Credits, 2500 Gold, 9 days of WOT Premium account, also a lot of Equipment, Diretives, and Personal reserves.


Guaranteed special tank, Division 1 (X3) - $679
You get Division 1 three times in the ranked battles league for all 3 season and get ALL rewards and guarantee the Tier IX special premium tank for your account!

NOTE: First season ends 10 June 2019, 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) 
We need your account weekdays: 14:00 to 02:00, weekends: 10:00 to 02:00 CEST (UTC+2).


- Tier X tank
- Enough credits (2-5-15 mil, depends on package you chose)  
- Commander's "sixth sense" perk and 100% basic crew skills
- Active premium account



Ranked Battles 2019 WOT-Boost

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