Ranked battles

Get Rank # 1 in Ranked Battles 

... Awaiting new season 

Here you can order Fast World of Warships Ranked Battles progression to get all those sweet rewards and stars to reach Rank 1.

After reaching Rank 1 you will get opportunity to play “League of Sea Wolves" to farm Random containers with sweet prizes.
So prepare your best Tier VIII ships (Tier X for getting Rank 1 and for "League of Sea Wolves") and commanders and we are ready to start.

Order duration approx. 3-14 days* and then you get all Ranked battles rewards: xp, credits, standard, economic and special flags, 2750 doubloons, a lot of unique camos, the commemorative flags.
And, of course, you will get your Additional Rewards: Rank 1 "Jolly Roger" Flag / Premium Tier VII Cruiser USS Flint / Premium Tier IX Destroyer USS Black / Two unique permanent camos for Flint and Black.