This offer will allow you to quickly accumulate the containers you are interested in. When ordering, you get a guaranteed experience as well as unopened containers. The number of containers that can be obtained in one day is limited. You can get 3 containers in 24 hours and 37,000 experience.

But you can order any amount of containers. Choose a convenient time period and we will earn every day the number of containers needed.

We also leave all the containers unopened so that you can later open them yourself. Collecting containers not only gives a boost of flags, credits, experience, consumables to your choice, but there is also a chance to get a Supercontainer with more valuable and unique rewards.

This proposal is also convenient for ship and captain’s requirements. You can specify any tier VI + ships, choose any captain for your fleet reinforcement. Just name preferred ships for containers farming in the order's details form. XP and Credits, researching new ships, elite commander xp grind as an additional bonus.

Specify ship type, how many and which containers to choose, set days to complete and we are ready to begin work right now.

   non-premium Tier VI+ ships
   premium Tier VI+ ships
Min. Prerequisites
  • Active premium account
  • Tier VI or higher non-premium or premium ships
  • Please pay attention "Try your luck" containers have less higher chance to spawn a Supercontainer. But you can get fewer rewards also.

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